“Whatever your state of consciousness is,
Your life will also have the same quality.”


   Walking barefoot on lush green grass, strolling a white sandy beach, hiking in a fresh forest, the glorious sound of birds on a spring morning with sunshine sparkling through the trees… These moments live within your cells as frequency that help pave the path of your future.

   Do you remember running through a sprinkler with friends on a hot summer day, tasting your favorite fruit for the very first time…your first crush, your first kiss or holding hands with someone you loved as a child?

   Can you still feel the loyalty and unconditional love of a beloved pet…the joy of realizing you have talent or inner gifts…the uplifting heart surge after receiving acknowledgement well deserved…being excited about an event or getting together with dear friends and laughing together all night long?  

These are the feelings that lead to a fulfilling future. Live within them often.

 Ehsida Bisset