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Full Moon Meditation

The sun continually reminds us
there is a light and strength no shadow can touch

   During a full moon we are able to see the face of the moon as it reflects the light of the sun. Our moon, unlike other moons, or any other planet in this solar system, does not rotate. This is an unprecedented phenomenon. The Dark Side of the Moon is always in shadow, always unknown and unseen by those who do not research or wonder.

   Symbolically, a full moon allows more light than usual on the uninvestigated aspects of our lives, opening a door to discover and release our own shadow side, or unknown side. A full moon is prime time to release all we are afraid of, all we may be hiding, by giving it over to the light of the sun, or to our Source, allowing all fear to be transmuted and converted into light.

  As light enters darkness, all is revealed, all fear, all unknown, all mystery dissolves effortlessly.

   If you have any fear or shadow to release, please enjoy this meditation before sleep during the three nights of expanded sunlight reflecting the full front face of the moon.

   As in any meditation, it’s important to set your intention. For this meditation, I suggest the intention of opening to and allowing in more light from your true Source, in order to purify and uplift your life and the lives of everyone you know and love, as well as the world at large, knowing we are all one. 

Thank you and enjoy!

Ehsida Bisset

© Shivaii