Imagination is more important than knowledge.

Albert Einstein

   Imagination is a key to the higher self… via higher emotions. For example, I like to imagine my computer is pink, like the one above. This lifts my emotions and connects me to the higher frequencies where my higher self likes to “exist.”

   Our imagination is the energy of our prime creative spark.
It opens the door to many gifts.

   Activating Gateways with imagination is a fun way to look inside of challenges to find answers. 

   To begin, choose a Gateway that suites the situation you are interested in; one that is symbolic of the challenge or question at hand. Imprint your Gateway image above the eyebrows within the center of your head. Declare that you are connecting with your higher self to receive higher answers. Relax in meditation and become as still and empty as possible.  When you are relaxed enough to see the deeper truth, the door will open in your imagination. 

   When you feel inspired, venture inside and accentuate your senses to receive symbols, words, sounds, smells, feelings or inner knowing.  Your Gateway answers will be remarkable and certainly far more profound than anything the mind could think up. Often, it is the opposite of what the mind was certain would be the right answer.

Logic will take you from A to B
but imagination will take you everywhere

Albert Einstein

   It is helpful to choose a Gateway that elicits quite a bit of emotion, significance or meaning, and have this match the challenge or question at hand.

   Choosing your Gateway is part of the fun! Some may call these Gateways simple doors, but to me they are miraculous vortexes that open into positive energy fields filled with divine wisdom.

These are a few examples.

Pink is helpful in questions about sweet relationships and how to honor them or understand them. The heart of the one you love may be inside that door ready to give you all the answers.

Perhaps it is a business you love and need answers about

Feeling blue? These Gateways may hold answers to why and how to recover.

A situation you are thinking of “leaving?”

Opening the imagination

Questions about the power structure and money

Opening to your creative genius and sensitivities

Knowledge is limited
Imagination encircles the world.

Albert Einstein

Higher possibilities hidden in DNA

Healing your body

Healing for a pet


Decision between two things.
Assign each door a different choice. Enter one at a time to feel the difference.

Connecting with higher self

A friendship from the past

Divine Feminine Power

Divine Masculine Power

What lies ahead if your life has fallen apart

Sometimes it is fun to bring a pet with you as they point out the answers much faster.

What would make your life more interesting or fun

The key you need for success at this time

How to make money from home

Choosing between two lovers

Answers from the wise souls of trees

Inside the natural earth – answers about minerals and gems

Seeding compatibility


Good fortune and moving up

Questions about your past 

The hidden self

What if you left the comfortable life you have for a new adventure?


How to brighten up your life

Appreciating your innate beauty and power

Messages from the ocean

Exploring the multiverse

Your multidimensional self

Imagination is the only weapon
in the war against reality

Lewis Carroll

Story by Ehsida