Giggle Billionaires

“Count your age by your friends, not your years. 
Count your life by your smiles, not your tears.”

John Lennon

   Penni was my best friend in childhood and is still one of my favorite chums today. We were both targeted with cruel bullying in high school and naturally bonded together as a support for each other.  Although we were often hiding from meanies or huddled in tears, we were always surprised by how many people would ask us the same question, “Why are you always so happy?” 

   Of course we were not always happy, so these statements caused us to wonder what people were talking about? I put a lot of thought into this and eventually recognized Penni and I basked in what felt good so we would not feel so bad.

   Walking on the beach together we would talk about how wonderful the sand felt on our feet, how energizing the sunshine was, and the beauty of the surf. This never got old. Everywhere we went it was a celebration of nature and people and food and laughter and cute boys, and the more we felt all the good stuff in life, the more we experienced life as good. 

Feeling good is a multivitamin

   We can collect positive states and store them in our neurons, just as we would collect money and store it in a bank, and we can draw on our positive states whenever we want.

   To do this we simply FEEL the good times as deeply as possible. Breathe them in and linger in them while engaging all of your senses. Eventually your neurons will begin to hold the imprint of happiness as their natural and constant state.

   This is why it’s a great idea to focus on what you are grateful for while taking long walks in nature, or spending time with those you love. Stimulate happy feelings every chance you have to store the miracle of life in your neurons. 

   As you collect more and more positive feelings inside, you can anchor this physically by touching your thymus gland in the center of your chest while you are experiencing peak moments of joy. Once you’ve become a giggle billionaire, anytime you want to feel better, just touch your thymus gland and the neurons that anchored your good feelings will be accessed, giving you a rush of happy juice when you need it most.

May your inner stores of happiness support you all the days of your life my dear friends

April, 2019 Ehsida