Got Energy?

   In 1975 a cotton farmer in Arizona unearthed something very strange in his garden. This discovery was so puzzling in fact, certain influences caused it to vanish before his eyes.

   Over the years this curious find came to be known as ORME’s, Orbitally Rearranged Mono-atomic Elements. Scientists have had difficulty studying ORME’s, as it is a very delicate substance, subject to transformation with subtle influences. Therefore, lesser scientists simply discount it even exists.

   When ORME’s is introduced to sunshine, it turns into sparkling light by accomplishing unity with light itself. When cooled it returns to it’s original shape, or one that reflects the new environment. Many have referred to ORME’s as Super-luminous Light Substance or Liquid Light. ORME’s is coincidentally the Hebrew name for The Tree of Life.

   The good farmer was not the first to come across ORME’S, however.  Ancient texts mention it with great reverence, referring to it as Manna from Heaven. It is connected with “other worldly things,” such as the Holy Grail, The Ark of the Covenant and the Philosophers Stone.

   Ancient Egyptians offered cakes made of mono-atomic gold,  called “mfkzt,” to the pharaohs and temple priests as a food to activate their “Ka” or light body. With increased life force they were able to accentuate awareness and leadership abilities, increase intuition, and heighten overall consciousness. It was also considered to be the key ingredient for longevity and vitality.

   Almost all recordings of sacred history revolve around the creation, possession, and employment of monatomic gold, yet many left brain researcher still negate it’s existence. Never-the-less, you may actually purchase Mono-atomic gold or silver and experience the results yourself.

   ORME’s is found in the ocean, the earth, crystals, stones, plants, the air and the human body, depending on the level of energy and vitality that element or body contains. Added ORME’s has been used successfully in raising the life giving quality of soil, plants, and the well being of the human body and mind.

   If you were to purchase a bottle of good quality ORME’s, it would come in a very well protected container with a warning on it: DO NOT EXPOSE TO MICROWAVE, WIFI, RF OR EMF RADIATION. Why? Electrical devices such as Mobile (Cell) Phones, Routers, Laptop’s, Computers, and IPod’s etc.,  destroy ORME’s and the life giving elements of our body and nature.

   You could purchase a bottle of ORME’s and quite visibly watch as the white milky substance in the bottle disappears when exposed to microwave or wifi. It will simply disintegrate, leaving you with a very expensive bottle of dirty looking water. 

   How to increase ORME’S in your system:

~ Spend time each day in nature

~ Consume high ORME’S containing foods, such as phytonutrients. (Organic green leafy veggies and blueberries etc.)

~ Breathe deeply and relax throughout the day

~ Have fun! Joy, love and playfulness increase life force

~ Keep a good distance from wifi, cell phones, computers etc.

~ Surround yourself with people you love who support you in being true to yourself

~ Laugh a lot

~ Dance, hike, walk on the beach, stretch etc.

~ Get enough sleep

~ Pet a dog or cat

~ Enjoy the songs in nature instead of the radio

~ Watch nature instead of television

~ Enjoy your life and envision your happiest self as if you are already living that life every day.

~ Enjoy early morning and late afternoon sun rays


  With great love for each of you, may you thrive and be well


Story by Ehsida Bisset