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Got Energy?

“Energy flows where attention goes.” 

~ James Redfield

   Our moods, our appearance, our productivity, our health, our mental clarity, and our relationships all depend on how much energy we have and the direction it flows. Positive energy is the most valuable physical “power” we can grow. 

   Oddly, many things in life are designed to drain our energy; things we don’t even realize. Today I would like to offer a few ways to grow energy quickly and point out things that drain energy. 

First let’s look at the direction of energy

    If you look at the original Tibetan symbol of Life on the right side of the page, and then at the Swastika of death on the left side below, you may sense a difference in how they make you feel.  

    There is a tremendous contrast in how these impact a field, because they both move energy in opposite directions, resulting in opposite effects. For example, if these symbols were propellors on a boat, one would move the boat forward and one would move the boat backward. 

Energy, and the direction it moves, 
determines everything. 

   Symbols with power can heal by bringing more life force in. The original Counterclockwise Tibetan symbol of LIFE above, moves in synchronicity with the Krystal Spiral, the creation fields of this universe, aligning our energy with the higher realms, enhancing hope, vitality and joy. 

    The symbol of DEATH the 3rd Reich applied apposes the Krystal Spiral, diminishing life force, while directing energy into the lower realms, trapping consciousness in hopelessness, deterioration and depression.

Harmony of the Spheres = Counterclockwise motion

   Every organic planet in this cosmos, as well as our own larger Merkaba field, revolves right to left, counterclockwise. This is life affirmative, in harmony with the Krystal Spiral energy that feeds this universe. 

Tibetan Text

   Historically, Tibetan, Japanese and Chinese Books are read from the right to left, counterclockwise, which is life enhancing; turning pages from what westerners consider the back of the book to the front of the book. Although this may seem backward to the western world, counterclockwise represents true forward movement in alignment with the Krystal Spiral life enhancing energy. This not only strengthens the brain, it strengthens the heart and soul, because it aligns with the true direction of nature.

   Writing systems that move in the antilife clockwise motion,
are often referred to as sinistrodextral,
based on the Latin roots for sinister, meaning left.

   Twelve languages are still written counterclockwise, aligning with the life enhancing Krystal Spiral direction. These languages appear musical or artistic and may also stimulate greater happiness, love and creativity. The subtle nuance of language and direction of energy can make or break a culture, depending on how they impact consciousness.

Positive energy = Positive results 

The Library of Wisdom

   A number of leaders throughout history have attempted to correct reversals and bring back truth. Harun al-Rashid was one such leader. Al-Rashid translates as “the Just”, “the Upright”, or “the Rightly-Guided.” His rule brought in a Golden Age from 786 to 809 AD.

   Al-Rashid established the legendary House of Wisdom, a sacred library of truth named Bayt al-Hikma. During his rule Baghdad flourished as a center of knowledge, culture and trade. In devotion to repair reversals he passed a law that every order he issued had to be written in formal Arabic poetry, a beautiful right to left, counterclockwise heart felt artistry in alignment with the Krystal Spiral life giving energy of this universe. 

   Al-Rashid applied the aesthetic radiance of his poetry to carry ideas into the hearts of man, impacting their souls with truth that would more easily stand the test of time. 


   Our time clock and its directional anti-life clockwise spin is degressive, keeping humans bound to energy reversals and energetic depletion. Time itself binds us to anti-life energy. The more we are run by a time clock, the more energy we lose and the faster we age.

   We have been trained to live in reverse, to diminish our life force and intelligence. Humans have far more potential than they imagine. As long as we are bound by reversals that drain our life force, we won’t grow enough energy to experience our true power. 

    What can we do to correct these reversals
and align with the Krystal Spiral life enhancing energy?

Three energy enhancing tips

   ~ Spin counterclockwise with your whole body every day, like the spinning sufis or whirling dervishes. (Some people need to begin with just one rotation and move very slowly. Others will be able to twirl quickly right away. Please move at your own pace.)

  ~ Breathe deeply and experience life in the present moment. NOW exists outside of time.

  ~ Explore foundations. Dive deeply into the roots of life to find the truth and live by it.

Freedom is not a gift given,
but a choice made.”

Corey Goode

   Reversals will continue to dissolve as we move forward in the ascension.  You can spot reversals where you see destruction, res-trick-tion, anti-love, anti-peace, anti-creation. Anything anti-life involves clinging to the old reversals of the dark age.

   The beings responsible for establishing reversals across the planet for thousands of years have done so methodically, intentionally and aggressively, while dismantling all that was good, beautiful, dignified and divine. These are the ones who worship The Fallen Sun…the 1% who claim to own the world just because they invaded it. By reversing our life force and diminishing our consciousness, they gained power over us. That is now coming to an end.

      The key to our ascension, freedom and energized rejuvenation, is rooted in aligning with the organic HUman template fed by the Krystal Spiral…that which is in harmony with peace, love, kindness, generosity, goodness, truth, beauty, creativity, freedom and LIFE.

Love is power 


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