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Great You Are!

“When in a dark place we find ourselves, 
More knowledge lights our way.”

~ Yoda

   When Star Wars arrived on the screen I was compelled by the way Yoda formed his sentences, as words made more sense to me that way. I’m no Yoda, but I am dyslexic and this is how dyslexic people see things in their mind…at least the dyslexics I have come in contact with.

   Being dyslexic can make things difficult because it’s terribly hard to remember how words are spelled and how to make a sentence flow for others to comprehend it naturally. Answering emails, for example, takes up to three times as long as someone who is not dyslexic because I have to read it about twelve times thinking backward to the way my mind flows so it makes sense to others.

   Yesterday I came across an article written by a teacher who asked her class to write a poem that could be read forward and backward, and found herself stunned by a submission from a dyslexic girl. Read forward it captures how many people think. Read backward, from my perception, it addresses how dyslexic people may interpret the same thing.

  Below is an excerpt from the poem by 10 year old AO. The poem is titled “Dyslexia.” Notice how she highlighted SLEX, which read backward is XELS…excels.

I am stupid
Nobody would ever say
I have a talent for words

I was meant to be great
That is wrong
I am a failure

Read up  (as many dyslexics see things)

Failure am I
Wrong is that
Great be meant was I

Words for talent have I
Say ever would nobody 
Stupid am I.

   You see the negativity is reversed and this is the whole point of the dyslexic trait. 

   From my experience dyslexia is not a problem, it’s a solution and a failsafe the soul has implemented to bypass the negative pitfalls of the 3D system that can cause people to fall into insecurities and fear due to societal programming. Almost everything we see in the world makes us feel inadequate, but if you perceive it sort of sideways and backward, you have time to process the information before your mind accepts it as fact. Messages become filtered with greater discernment, leading to corrections or upgrades before words impress the mind. You don’t have to be dyslexic to do this, so give it a go.

   In a world filled with inappropriate programming that targets the less fortunate, feeds competition, deceit and cruelty, dyslexics feel a strong desire to present a different perspective, and a different approach to life that encourages others to see the lighter side of things.  Unfortunately, this may also cause a dyslexic person to take longer to comprehend danger or abuse within other people’s words. We all have our strengths and weaknesses.

   If you or your child have dyslexia, this means you are here for a very specific purpose. Don’t let the programming that seeps through cause you to believe anything otherwise. Many times the things we are told are wrong with us, turn out to be what is very right with us, and possibly our greatest gift.

Great you all are!


Special thanks to Simon Parkes for bringing this to my attention many years ago.

Dyslexia has been termed a “learning disability.” Here is a list of more friends who share the dyslexic trait.

Ludwig Van Beethoven
John Lennon
Harry Belafonte
Leonardo da Vinci
Albert Einsein
Walt Disney
Thomas Edison
John F. Kennedy
Winston Churchill
Pablo Picasso
Alexander Graham Bell
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson

Agatha Christie
Hans Christian Anderson
Lewis Carroll
W.B. Yeats 
Steven Spielberg
Tom Cruise
Keanu Reeves
Robin Williams
Edward james Olmos
Henry Winkler
Whoopi Goldberg
Keira Knightley
Jay Leno
George Burns
Ann Bancroft

Tommy Hilfiger
Erin Brockovich
Muhammad Ali
Richard Branson
Steve Jobs
Composer – Richard Strauss
Bob Weir
F.Scott Fitzgerald


“In this war, a danger there is
of losing who we are.”
~ Yoda