Growing Wings

“A story only matters, I suspect,
to the extent that the people in the story change.”

Neil Gaiman,

   Just before a caterpillar spins its cozy cocoon, it enjoys life to the hilt as a spongy little critter devouring everything in sight; growing plumper and more fulfilled with every gulp; celebrating its peak period as a caterpillar. 

   Then suddenly it hears the inner calling…it’s time to step inside the silk transformation chamber to fast and meditate. During this sacred slumber, the caterpillar’s body literally liquifies; dissolving the old form, transforming into a more intricate and beautiful creature with wings. Within two weeks the metamorphosis is complete and a surging stretch of new wings break through the silk curtains. Once a crawler, this new life form instinctively knows how to fly, leaving the old identity completely behind as it lifts higher and higher into an entirely new wondrous cycle of life. 

“We are all butterflies. Earth is our chrysalis.”

~ LeeAnn Taylor

Balsamic Phase 

   Humans experience a very similar cycle of metamorphosis called the Balsamic Phase, roughly about every 28 years. We may have a harvest period enjoying plentiful energy, success, connections, friends, abundance, health, adventure, freedom, vitally, deep relationships and power according to a current identity…. and then suddenly we feel our motivations change and we begin to move away from things that have reached their peak, slowly dissolving all that reminds us of an outworn identity and limiting way of life.

   Subconsciously and spiritually we are ready for this upgrade, however, consciously, this could pose a challenge as the old identity fights for its life. This is the typical mid-life crisis some people go through, making unwise choices, hoping they can hang onto their teenage image,  the old structure, lack of responsibility, outdated beliefs, outgrown people, or escapism to numb or delay the transformation…but the metamorphosis continues. Resistance only causes confusion and overwhelm, which is completely unnecessary, as this is a cycle leading to something immensely better than what we have known before…we just can’t see it yet. 

Like monkey bars on a jungle gym,
we have to let go of what we were hanging on to in order to move forward.

   A Balsamic Phase could inspire a big move, a change in career, retirement, a dissolving of important relationships and habits or behaviors that propped up the outdated identity, or the disappearance of someone familiar. All of the above can happen all at once to accelerate the demolition of the ego…the old identity that held you back from all you could be. Remember, the ego is built around childhood fears and wounds we are meant to overcome.

The first step toward change is awareness.
The second step is acceptance.

~ Nathaniel Branden

   The psyche, ego and spiritual body become washed, cleansed and transformed in ways we never imagined possible. This is often when we have our greatest spiritual awakenings and become even more benevolent human beings. We may not grow physical wings, but the final upgrade will feel like flying compared to the identity left behind.

Monthly Wing Phase 

   Every month we also have three days of Balsamic energy before the new moon. Think of the full moon infusing earth with solar energy, making it more difficult for people to sleep. As the full moon wanes, giving off less and less solar light, sleep becomes easier, and right before the new moon when the night is darkest, sleep and regeneration generally reach a peak while we rest undisturbed. 

Yearly Wing Phase 

   Every year each person also has a Balsamic Phase of about two months when the energy you usually enjoy may feel depleted. 

   This period arrives about two months prior to your birthday, which begins your new year cycle, launching a new you with broader wings each year. For example, if you’re born in April, your sleepiest months may tend to be February & March, whereas, if you’re born in January, your sleepiest months may be November & December, making the main holiday season a bit more daunting and draining for January & February babies. 

People don’t resist change.
They resist being changed.

~ Peter Senge


   If we refuse to rest during a Balsamic Phase, it’s much like deciding not to fill your almost empty tank before attempting to drive another 1000 miles. It causes more delays and frustration. If you’re thinking of running a marathon, starting a new business, a new relationship or workout routine, moving or having surgery, it may be supportive to grow an awareness of your main Balsamic periods to unite with cosmic nudges asking you to rest, release, relax, TRUST and observe as the cycle unfolds, reorganizing and upgrading your life.

   When we consider planetary phases and how we are intricately connected through cycles, life will feel friendlier and more supportive. The word PLAN itself is rooted in PLANets.


To change something,
build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

~ R. Buckminster Fuller

“Change is inevitable–except from a vending machine.”

~ Robert C. Gallagher