Happy Chinese New Year

Your life gets better
when you get better

   Many cultures have their own system of monitoring, calculating and comprehending change. The Chinese apply the elements, numbers and animal totems to explain cyclical influences and upcoming energies. Last year was coined The Year of The Pig, and this Chinese new year, beginning January 25th, 2020, is named The Year of The Golden Mouse, or the metal rat. This is symbolic of the energies we may experience. 

   The Year of the Pig was like having a slightly messy visitor arrive that makes you think about all the stuff you don’t want to deal with yet. You know you have to deal with it, but you just want to nap and never really feel rested enough to make a move or a clear decision, so you slog through the mud of the dilemma as best you can.  While you are delaying, maybe you eat and sleep more, or indulge in anything that will help you put things off until tomorrow, hoping Miss Piggy will have left by then, although, you sort of feel oddly comforted by her slow moving energy at the same time.

   This past Friday we sent Miss Piggy home to the farm, and now The Golden Mouse has arrived on our doorstep along with his financial advisors, business coach, personal trainer and tarot card reader, asking us to step into action, take charge, and make big decisions that will change life for the better. The Golden Mouse promises lots of inspiration and help along the way, but this is such a drastic change from Miss Piggy’s slow mo sleepy indulgence, we could feel a bit lagging in our ability to step up to entertain the Golden Mouse and his efficient  wide eyed entourage.

Life is too short to think small

   As fortune would have it, we are also experiencing a new moon in the sign of – everything is possible – Aquarius this weekend. Incredibly auspicious company when the Golden Mouse arrives. This new moon energy brings a ray of light, helping us wipe our sleepy eyes, have a shower, put on new clothing, stretch in the morning sunshine and finally see clearly…. “Ahhhh, yes, this is what I shall do and I know I can do it.”

   As the new moon builds each day, so will our clarity and determination, adding  inspiration and ideas of exactly how to move forward. Where miss Piggy brought out our resistance, debauchery and laziness at times, the Golden Mouse makes us feel sharp and excited for something  fresh and positively challenging, helping us  accomplish important life changes…if we so choose.

   The Year of the Golden Mouse also announces the beginning of a new 12 year cycles; a new era that will feel distinctly different from the past, opening doors to new opportunities, such as new careers, new relationships, new homes, new look, new car, new hobby, new habits, new way of thinking and being, new friends and new countries. New new new.

   It’s time to wash off the mud (old beliefs, negative emotions, depleting perceptions and diminishing behaviors) and step into a new life in 2020…if you so choose.

   The Golden Mouse and his companions are very much like personal managers silently taking note of what you decide on, helping you put things into motion. Those who make the most of these influences may experience upgrades they could only nap about before.

Blessings for a magnificent and magical new year, new you!



The person who says it can’t be done,
should not interrupt the one who is doing it.

~ Chinese Proverb