Healing Holiday Triggers


“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances:
if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”

Carl Jung

   With the holidays upon us many are gearing up for more get togethers with a sense of happiness and excitement, while others may be concerned about that one person in the group that consistently triggers them. This year make every interaction transformational.

Click on the number below that corresponds with how you may be triggered: 

1)This person takes over the conversation without any interest in what you have to say?

2) This person triggers envy, jealousy, self-consciousness or lack of self-esteem. May be related to unhealed pain or trauma over something you have lost, given away or had taken away? 

3) This person does something you judge or they appear to be judging you…or both?

4) This person makes you feel drained, tired, repulsed or bored?

5) Not sure why this person disturbs you? It’s possible they represents qualities you want to change in your own life.

6) This person reminds you of a parent, guardian, sibling or other significant person you have not healed with?

7) This person triggers feelings of being strangely unsafe… yet intrigued, internally alarmed… yet attracted. You may feel insecure, unsure, intimidated, concerned or intoxicatingly enchanted and charmed.


We’re all friends when we return to our true nature.

Ehsida Bisset