Healthy Tips For A Happier Life


Got energy? 
Welcome to the uplifting and energizing season of Spring.

As we transition from the hibernation of Winter, to the inner blooming and greater vitality that arrives with Spring, there are a few things we can do to make this process easier on our system.  

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the kidneys are responsible for our energy levels, our vitality and longevity.

  The kidney meridians feed and nourish our heart, bones, brain, teeth, hair and nails. If the kidney energy is overused or drained through stress, cold energy, poor nutrition, over exercising, or lack of sleep, we may experience aging, fatigue, mental confusion, back pain, weakness, hair loss, a softening of the teeth, nails and bones, as well as hearing difficulties and/or skin conditions.

Traditional Chinese Medical Doctors suggest that we can strengthen the kidney energy by soaking our feet in very warm water each night before bed. This brings warmth and energy into the kidney meridian and helps to strengthen the kidneys and adrenals. This can also aid in a much deeper and more rejuvenating sleep.

I am not a TCM doctor, or a doctor of any kind, however, I have been practicing this technique for the past few years with truly miraculous results. 

It is also important to:

Only drink and eat warm nourishment, and make sure to keep your body warm and draft free at all times. 

These small tips can make a significant difference in your energy level and mental well being, by feeding the body the warmth it requires to bloom with more vitality.

Just as nature needs sunshine to thrive, our bodies need warmth to glow with radiant health.

And of course, have fun and think your happiest thoughts throughout the day!