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Stairway to Heaven

“Be true to the best one knows.”


   As the frequencies, magnetics and Schumann resonance of the planet continue to rise and shift, our bodies can become quite overwhelmed with the intensity of these upgrades. Many of you may have noticed more need for sleep and rest this week. 

   The full moon in Libra this weekend magnified closures, endings or adjustments to any negative or unhealthy relationships. This could include your relationship with yourself if there has been any self abuse or neglect occurring. 

   This visualization is meant as a support for these closures and shifts into the higher harmonics. It will serve you best if you listen with the intention to release what no longer serves you, as you open to a higher path. Best results occur before a period of rest or sleep.


May all hearts be whole and happy


It is time to live your life as the heaven it was meant to be