Heaven on Earth


“ You want to know Heaven?
Be an Angel.”

Matt Kahn


   Joining a long line to mail a parcel I noticed a solitary postal worker manning the counter while attempting to repair his cash register. A lovely lady in front of me flashing a rosy smile shared that she had been in line for over twenty-five minutes. No sign of irritation or angst, just a happy presence preparing me for a lengthy wait.

   Those ahead were chattering about joyful things, making friends along the way. No one appeared rushed or frustrated. Hmmm, ‘this is wonderful,’ I thought to myself. Then I spotted the very likely cause of this unprecedented serenity; a teeny tiny new born glowing with happiness, twinkling out magic smiles of innocence and joy to what seemed all the world from the front of the line. Sucking her big toe and gripping the edge of a pink and white bib, she systematically locked eyes with each person, making certain they felt loved and acknowledged by her little divine self. 

   A young lad joining the queue behind me let out an audible sigh to announce his unhappiness. Everyone waited for the inevitable as a radiant light cast from the babe began tickling Mister Disgruntled back to the light. Determined to stand his unhappy ground, his face didn’t budge. Undaunted, our little angel waited patiently, curiously, eyes locked in place, wiggling with joy, awaiting her prize with flawless faith.

   The line was silent with anticipation, then, like the sun breaking through a thick fog, Mister Disgruntled broke into a grand smile. Tension melted, breathing returned, and a gentle giggle from the end of the line joined in with the beaming babe. Applause from the audience seemed to go unnoticed as he opened more to the light; saved from his inner struggle, ready to dance through life another day.

   We all contain this innocent light that can brighten the day for complete strangers or family and friends who seem at their wits end. In fact, if you’re reading this right now it’s certain you’re an angel on earth, armed with love and joy potent enough to brighten any dark room or catch friends from falling.

   No matter what’s happening in your life or in the news, find that innocent inner light that creates miracles. The lives you touch may very well be lives that would have taken a different turn without your smile.

Life loves you!

Dec 2015, Ehsida