Hocus Focus

   The human brain receives up to 11 million bits of information every second, but it only retains about 40 bits, leaving the bulk of information unacknowledged.
What we focus on
we integrate as if it were the whole picture,
but it never is.
   To find the truth in life it is helpful to look at things from many different angles, considering various perspectives, opinions, ideas and overviews.  The vaster your scope of information, the more pieces of the puzzle come together to reflect greater truths.
Truth is what sets us all free.
   For example, if you research the news in US, Canada, Russia, India and China; mainstream and independent, they will all have a very different take on what is happening in the world, allowing many pieces of the puzzle to come together. The grander our perspective, the greater our ability to discern and respond with educated wisdom.
Blessings on your expanding journey my friends