Immeasurable Heaven

” The essence of the beautiful… is unity in variety.”

~ W. Somerset Maugham

   A dear friend recently shared a 1940’s movie highlighting the atrocities of prejudice. The main character posed as a member of a certain religious group to experience life in those shoes and learned a great deal through his journey, being shunned and taunted under the mere guise of carrying a title. The ‘moral’ of the story was about standing up for what you believe, but this also caused further conflict between people.

   When I looked at the story line, as lovely as it was, I felt everyone was missing the point. Who caused the conflict between these people in the first place? Neither group A, nor group B. It was not the people themselves. Who came up with the idea that one group was better or worse than the other? None of these people. Neither of these groups. Do you see? Neither of those groups had any trouble with each other until an outside force suggested it, prodded it, contrived it, gave it an expose and made things up to pit these groups against each other. I see this throughout history.

   Listening to the inner depths of people as they have shared their hearts and souls over the years, I can assure you of one thing; HUMANS ARE GOOD! Humans want unity, harmony and happiness. Most humans don’t like conflict or separation. They long for inner and outer peace, and they want to love and be loved. This is simply human nature. 

So why do people fight?
Because they are manipulated to believe fabricated situations
that instigate outrage, confusion and fear.

   Have you ever seen a small child show any sign of prejudice? It’s impossible. They love everything with reverence and wonder, excited to explore life with an open heart. Children are connected to their authenticity; their soul, which has no color, race, religion or belief system. As a soul, they know every life matters. They are aligned with all that is sacred, integral, sweet and decent, which we all resonate with in our highest expression.

Children thrive on love.
Separation, opposition and fighting are taught.

   This weekend we have a very powerful eclipse with the GOODWILL FULL MOON, bringing in the Summer Solstice, Celebrating Father’s Day, launching a new astrological alignment which will inspire truth, revelation and awakening. This weekend marks a powerful platform for change in each of our lives.

    Over the next three months as the impact of the eclipse plays out, we have a chance to come together in greater harmony and truth; to create an immeasurable heaven; a world where love is the most important value once again.

As loving, unifying masters of positive change,
may we all add more harmony and happiness to every corner of the world.