In a Flash

  The last two weeks of March we experienced extreme plasma winds and geo-magnetic storms which affected the electro-magentics of the planet, impacting the electro-magentics of our body, mind, soul, bringing deep rooted fears, frustrations, weaknesses, insecurities and confusion to the surface for many. If you had a rough couple of weeks, take a deep breath and allow the energy of tonights full moon to liberate you from all that is left to release.
   Remember the old cassette tapes from the 1990’s? To erase unwanted history a strong magnet would lift off the old recordings. These geo-magnetic storms are doing a similar thing to personal signatures, lifting off old memories, beliefs and limiting ideas about the self and the old hologram. The main difference is we see and feel them as they surface to be released…similar to an ego-magnetic storms.
   Old structures are literally being magnetically re-arranged. Many things will  disappear or re-adjust. If you have not noticed anything personally, take a look at the world view, focusing on what is happening with Google, Facebook, You-tube, Twitter,  politics, religion, sexuality, and financial institutions around the world. Everything is changing and re-arranging.
   Next week we can look forward to powerful solar flares, creating a situation similar to putting the cassette tape into a more advanced recorder and imprinting something of a higher nature on it. This is our chance to imbue the body, mind, soul and world with more of who we want to be and what we want to experience. Think, feel, act and be the person you see as your upgraded self, in a world more to your liking, and these solar flare will…in a way… flash record that impression into your cellular container.
May we all enjoy a more beautiful and abundant life as each new month unfolds.
On behalf of every race, country and religion, let’s all enjoy April 1st with friends in nature laughing together. Happy Everything.