In The Beginning


   Once upon a time, long before time began, Source decided to create friends to play with, so it projected itself into the void and out popped a droplet of glowing white light. Pleased with this reflection, out popped another and another and another, showering the void with Mini Creator Gods.


   These Mini Gods, imbued with pure divine energy, projected their own magnificent ideas into the void, allowing new experiences into the mind of Source.

   For millions of years these Creator Gods, known as The Family of Light, seeded many solar systems, each one unrepeatable and unique. Eager to develop something extraordinarily novel, they decided to invent a solar system based on FREE WILL. They imagined, blessed and delivered their FREE WILL thought forms through a creation Stargate; the womb of existence, and somewhere on the other side a new galaxy began to expand.


   Never having certainty of how any solar system would develop or exactly what they would find, The Family of Light entered each new creation millions of years after inception with the joy and exhilaration of meeting their grown children and grandchildren for the first time. In this way they were able to work out any bugs and improve on their original creation for the greater good of all.

   When the time arrived to visit and unveil the solar system of FREE WILL, a VERY unexpected event occurred. As they entered the white light time portal into their FREE WILL creation, to their shock and disbelief, a dark portal opened simultaneously, delivering an inversion or exact opposite of each member of The Family of Light. Suddenly and inadvertently, beings of darkness were born.



   Being one with Source and completely unfamiliar with darkness, The Family of Light eventually understood that FREE WILL involved ALL POSSIBILITES. Every light form in this new universe was matched with an exact opposite made of darkness; void of  love, empathy or compassion.

   Taken aback by this sudden and unexpected occurrence, The Family of Light aimed their light bodies in the direction of the highest frequency in the solar system; a planet called LyraTheir original idea had been to teach the Lyrians how to use their own divine powers, and merge everyone’s light in an attempt to neutralize the dark beings they had unwittingly created, but quite the opposite occurred.


   The darkness followed The Family of Light to Lyra and destroyed the planet, which was the very jewel of life in this solar system. Surviving Lyrians fled to neighboring planets such as Sirius, The Pleiades, Arcturus and The Andromeda System.

   The Family of Light gathered everything they could salvage from Lyra, cloaking themselves in the highest vibration they could project, and fled to the planet Tiramet.

   Tiramet, often known as the original Atlantis, was a flourishing and magnificent planet filled with lush nature, intelligent beings and diverse aquatic life. It was a water world extraordinaire.


   The Family of Light understood it would not be long before the dark beings; who were obsessively attracted to The Family of Light, would find Tiramet and destroy it as well.


   Just as The Family of Light were creators,
these inverted beings of darkness were destroyers.


   The Family of Light realized in this new system of duality, darkness had every right to exist. Even if The Family of Light had not consciously intended to give birth to life forms separated from Source, they had no choice but to integrate the experience until they worked out the bugs in this new creation.


   When the darkness located and destroyed Tiramet, The Family of Light held onto a section of Tiramet, cloaking themselves and the planet fragment in a frequency high enough to avoid detection and focused their intention to a far corner of the universe where they knew they could remain hidden for a while. 


   This small section of Tiramet evolved into the planet we know as Earth today. Here, in a remote corner of this galaxy, The Family of Light began healing, rebuilding and re-seeding the earth. As dust from Lyra and other raped and pillaged planets fell, DNA from the life forms that had perished landed on earth to be stored and secured for future creations.


   As The Family of Light studied darkness remotely, they were able to rescue life forms that had fallen prey to more destruction and bring them back to earth for healing. With the mounting number of traumatized visitors, the protective frequency cloaking earth could no longer be maintained, and the darkness honed in on earth and began their ascent to our location.


   In a compassionate attempt to protect the humans on earth, The Family of Light disconnected the luminous rainbows made up of 13 glowing chakras surrounding each human life form and tucked the energy inside the human body. This would diminish the magical glow and make humans less interesting and far less intimidating to the dark beings who contained no light or beauty of their own.

   When the darkness finally arrived on earth, The Family of Light were more prepared. Instead of total destruction, they conceded to being dominated by darkness in exchange for sparing the planet and the lives of the light beings on earth.

   As the introduction of darkness took root, all light forms relinquished their true power to darkness in exchange for their survival. Hence, the fall of mankind and the “tear-anny” on earth began.

Main story told by Liah Ra on Galactic Connection 2016 (Some words changed by me)

This is a link to Liah Ra’s Facebook Page. She is a beyond brilliant light worker



 Liah Ra                                                                                                                             


“Now it’s the dark’s turn to be afraid.”

Joseph Delaney