Include Yourself



Hi, Laozi here, the Laughing Giraffe.  

As you may know Thanksgiving is a day Abraham Lincoln established to create a sense of peace and positive change. During the brutal fighting of the Civil War, good ol’ Abe declared the last Thursday of November a day of gratitude. On this day everyone was asked to put down their weapons and cease all battles to focus on the beauty and joy of life. What a guy!

Feeling gratitude for what we have is refreshing, but many of us forget to feel gratitude for ourselves. It seems easier to condemn our bodies, focus on our faux pas and what we believe we lack instead of praise ourselves, but this year I propose we change that. 

As you may imagine many doodles are bored, self-conscious and easily forgotten, but not me. I may only be a drawn giraffe on a page, but hey, I like to focus on my strengths.

I’m pretty colorful and…well, color is a big plus. I may only be 3 inches high, but that’s pretty unique for a giraffe. I may only have a few poses right now, but I’m working on more and you never know, one day I may even be drawn into an animated movie.

Now for the most super sonic top secret agent unknown fact…my tail is actually a laser beam that glows in the dark. I could go down in history like my friend Rudolph. There’s a lot more to me than meets the eye, and I know there’s a lot more to you as well.

What are your remarkable and outstanding super sonic miraculous strengths? You’ll notice there are quite a few when you take the time to list them. When you count your blessings this Thanksgiving, make sure to count yourself…I double dare you.

Thanks for playing! I love you!

Laozi the Laughing Giraffe,

Official Giggle Ambassador for Shivaii and Tickled Inspirations




© 2015     Ehsida Bisset