Activate Your Inner Gifts


Peace comes from within.



In last weeks post we focused on qualities of the mammalian and reptile brain within humans.     Click here for Last Weeks Post                  

Today the focus will be on how to access the most positive and empowering aspects of the mammalian and reptilian brain to achieve inner peace and positive interaction with the self and each other.


Positive aspects of the mammalian brain

 The dolphin is a mammal that represents the pure mammalian brain. One of the most beautiful virtues wild dolphins display, is a profound connection with their own integrity. In a much earlier post I wrote about handlers discovering that dolphins do not respond to training that involves punishment. Dolphins only respond to love, kindness, gentle communication, playfulness, and care. Without kindness, they simply refuse to interact. They live true to their own dignity and self-respect and perceive anything less than loving behavior as dangerous, …and rather boring.

Imagine how different your life would be today if you had been guided from childhood to only respond to loving kindness and walk away from anything less. 

Negative aspects of the mammalian brain:

The main quality that leads a dolphin to danger or death is their innocence, and naivety. For example, if a human understands how to treat the dolphin to gain their trust, the dolphin will eventually respond to them based on this outer behavior. This is partly how some military facilities have been able to train dolphins to become suicide bombers, attaching bombs to “enemy” ships. The innocent mammalian brain has been tricked into that agreement.

To counteract this tendency toward naivety, we literally have to access our reptilian brain and question everything. Allowing both brains to work together on our behalf offers us mastery. 

Imagine what your life would be like if you had been guided from childhood to trust your inner guidance over outside agenda.

Positive aspects of the Reptilian brain.

A few positive aspects that arise from the reptilian brain are the will to survive, (this includes avoiding trickery and applying discernment,) and an undaunted connection to ones personal power. 

The negative aspects of the reptilian brain involve reliance on hierarchy, punishment and fear. The pure reptilian brain is represented by the Komodo Dragon. Within the Dragon societies, order and control are achieved through threat, plotting or battle.  Blood thirsty killing, domination, warring, the element of surprise, isolation and punishment cause less dominant Dragons to become subservient. Therefor, the tendency toward subservience is just as much a weakness within the makeup of the reptile brain as the lust for battle. If you sense you are becoming subservient to domination, or leaning toward a fight, activate the more empowering aspects of both brains, such as dignity, discernment, awareness, self-respect, self-love, wisdom and personal power.

Imagine what your life would be like today if you had been guided since childhood to recognize the display of domination in others as a demonstration of that individual’s  personal  fear.

The Dragon consciousness is about hierarchy and this is what limits and isolates them. The Dragon’s destruction often arises from the very thing they thrive on, which is attempting to prove they are more powerful or better than others through competition, domination, isolation, humiliation, fear, trauma, abuse, suppression, control, possession or battle. 


Imagine what life would be like today if we had all been guided since childhood to recognize that our well being is dependent on how well we, love, honor, and care for  ourselves, the earth and humanity.

Reptiles thrive on fear.
Be very clear, they thrive and grow stronger on other’s fear.

Love is an unknown quality to reptiles. Therefor, it is misunderstood by those who rely on and continue to strengthen the negative aspects of the reptilian brain. Love and kindness are perceived as weakness to the amplified reptilian brain within humans, and at times can be perceived as a threat. This creates the need for those who access more of their naive mammalian brain to build strength, confidence and greater awareness of the energies in those they interact with to avoid being taken advantage of or harmed.

Imagine what your life would be like today if you had been taught since childhood that your gentle confidence, inner strengths, awareness, and self-respect would inspire others to be better people.

May you be blessed with the mastery of your inner gifts

Ehsida Bisset