Inner Music

“Emotions are the great captains of our lives.”
Vincent Van Gogh

   Your happy emotions create inner music that translate into healing frequencies inside your body. Negative or discordant emotions translate as destructive frequencies that do tremendous harm. Your emotional body that surrounds and penetrates your physical body is electric, therefore, it’s very easily impacted by sounds, frequencies and vibrations.

   If you ever feel stuck, depressed, confused, unhappy or anxious, have fun with these tips to clean your electric/emotional body:

~ Command your spirit to purify and balance your emotional body
~ Go out in nature and sit with a tree or by the beach
~ Drop your thoughts into your heart and feel the inner peace
~ Enjoy your favorite activity or exercise
~ Read poetry or your favorite book
~ Allow the morning and late afternoon sun to fill your cells with more light
~ Drink in fresh air and allow the colors of nature to nourish your cells
~ Infuse your drinking water with sunlight, healing music or affirmations
~ Play with a pet or visualize your favorite animal by your side
~ Say your favorite affirmations out loud 
~ Sing your affirmations
~ Visualize gold rejuvenating your cells
~ Wear high frequency colors, especially if you need energy
~ Practice Toning…humming
~ Sing your favorite song 
~ Hum or whistle a happy tune
~ Play your favorite instrument
~ Listen to classical music at 432 Hz 
~ Be completely silent as you walk through nature and allow bird songs to invigorate your cells.

   The electric/emotional body merges with the heart. Cleaning the emotional body supports heart health, which strengthens the immune system and improves memory.


This is a great sound track for clearing the electric/emotional body

The following sound track is supportive while clearing negative emotions

May every emotion you have manifest as beautiful inner music!

October, 2017 ~ Ehsida 


“Ah music, he said, wiping his eyes. “ A magic beyond all we do here.!”
~ J.K. Rowling  ~ The Sorcerer’s Stone