La Pouvoir De Craie

“Once the subconscious mind accepts an idea,
it begins to execute it.”
Joseph Murphy

   Every evening my father would write out a new word in French on a small chalkboard in the bedroom my elder sister and I shared. My sister would practice spelling and saying the new word, then she would sleep on it and repeat the new French word to my father in the morning. She always did well, and soon formed a belief that she was very good at learning new languages. Today my sister speaks 5 languages and travels around the world undaunted by any new language or culture she encounters.

   I was too young, quite uninterested, and often half asleep when the evening French lessons took place, so I never developed a knack for languages. Although I took French and Spanish in school, it was a major struggle and I remember thinking to myself, “I’m not very good with other languages”…which was my belief as a child when my sister could speak French and I could not.

“It’s a psychological law
that whatever we desire to accomplish
we must impress upon the subjective or subconscious mind.”
Orson Swett Marden

   Our subconscious mind is programmed most significantly during childhood, culminating in a personal belief system about ourselves, our abilities, values, likes and dislikes, limits, and expectations as we grow. This is why we can learn how to ride a bicycle at age 5, forget about how to do it and jump on a bike any time after that still knowing how to ride. It has become subconscious. It has become our way of operating.

and ability to CHANGE
is rooted in the subconscious mind.

   Even when someone is ultra determined to lose weight, stay on an exercise regime, quit smoking, stop drinking, stop cheating, stop complaining, worrying, failing or doing drugs etc., if their subconscious mind is programmed in the groove of those destructive behaviors, no amount of will power or determination will bring them to the point of success until their subconscious mind has been altered.

We must affect the subconscious to change our reality.

   How do we access the subconscious mind? Through Inner Child work, Emotional Release, Forgiving, Neuro Linguistic Programing  Timeline Therapy, The Witnessing Technique, The Love Meditation, EMDR, Tapping, Hypnosis and Primal Therapy etc.

The subconscious mind is like a chalk board we can erase,
write something new on our slate,
and fulfill our life in new ways. 

   The key is to stimulate a new “experience” that offers a new reality within the subconscious that takes the place of, or overrides the old programming. Once this is accomplished transformation occurs. This can happen in an instant.

   If you have been beating yourself up because you can’t make that change, get over that fear, stop that behavior or succeed the way you want to, stop! Its not your fault. Dive into your subconscious and clear out the beliefs that block your success. 

Blessings on your journey to ultimate fulfillment my friends!


“The reason man may become the master of his own destiny
is because he has the power to influence his own subconscious mind.”
Napoleon Hill