Laughlin the Lucky Leprechaun


Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 1.47.36 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 1.17.35 PMnce upon a time there was a lucky leprechaun named Laughlin who lived deep in the forest of Lovshiny Wood, near the miraculous Rainbow Bridge.


Laughlin was much more than just a lucky leprechaun. He knew exactly how to make good things happen even without luck.

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Laughlin loved change, so each morning when his favorite rooster Ezmerelda crowed, he would create himself anew. He invented original hair styles, modernized beards, half shaved mustaches, and state of the art scarfs made of Pheonix feathers, fairy webs or pixie sparkles all strung together like pearls. He wore newfangled hats, and freshly polished boots and very happy mismatched socks. This way he believed the magic was more likely to find him.

On his daily strolls Laughlin thought of his favorite and most prized hopes and dreams, and then he joyously and wholeheartedly wished these blessings on all he came in contact with.


Being a Leprechaun Laughlin loved the sparkle and feel of gold coins, so each day he skipped through the forest and wished billions and trillions of gold coins upon every creature he met.

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If a friend preferred a field of flowers, Laughlin wished them fields and fields of the most beautiful and fragrant flowers to lay in everywhere they traveled.


If they wished to sing and dance and play together, Laughlin stopped everything to sing a song, play his flute,  and wiggle around the grass with new friends.


If he noticed a friend needing more love, he wished them the most fulfilling and affectionate love overflowing for a lifetime, and did everything in his power to make his friends feel loved and cared for.

If he came across a magical creature like a Unicorn or a Fun Fairy, he thanked them for their rare and special blessings, and bowed in reverence to their gifts. He was never jealous or downhearted that he did not have such glittering light surrounding him. He was inspired and wished them more magic, sparkles, powers and fun than they had ever known, and every day his own miraculous gifts multiplied.

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If he came across a growling mean beasty, he wished them peace, safety and happiness. He was as gentle and kind with them as he could possibly be so they too received what they needed. Then he would skip home happier than when the day began.

He often wished for gardens filled with juicy veggies for the bunnies and chicks!  

He arranged transportation for morning fairies, afternoon knomes and butterfly children.




…or sometimes just a spot of tea or some special treats to make his friends smile and feel at ease.

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He created Bunny Bands and threw Hip Hop parties for fun and giggles.

musicaleasterbunny1_wingsofwhimsy musicaleasterbunny2_wingsofwhimsy musicaleasterbunny3_wingsofwhimsy musicaleasterbunny4_wingsofwhimsy



and granted ever lasting love and castles by the sea.


He gave out wish sticks to fairy children and pixie tykes.

He celebrated happiness with all he met, and every visit he made to the edge of the Rainbow Bridge,  he found a bucket of glowing gold coins and freshly wished blessings sparkling in the air.

Pot o gold twinkles

Every evening he stuffed his pockets and socks and trowsers and hat full of gold and blessings, loaded his carriage up and dashed into the forest to distribute them to all the creatures who wanted to play. No matter how many gold coins or blessings he gave away, there was always more gold and magic waiting for him the next day at the edge of the Rainbow Bridge.


Laughlin knew that real magic comes from loving everyone as if they were indeed one’s very own heart. The more he gave the more he prospered and the more he blessed the more blessings were bestowed upon himand all was eternally well and happy in the magic forest of Lovshiny Wood, near the sparkling Rainbow Bridge.


May this day and every day be filled with the loving luck of Laughlin the Leprechaun.
Happy Saint Paddy’s Day!


  Story by Ehsida Bisset 
  March 2016