Let It Be

Let It Be – Written and performed by the Beatles

When I find myself in times of trouble
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom
Let it be
   Blessings to everyone. Many are experiencing great challenges with environmental conditions such as fires, wind storms, torrential rains, and blizzards, as well as other life changes, traumas or uncertainties. Some people call on help from a higher Source when they feel they need it; many don’t believe they have the right to ask for help, and others don’t believe it makes a difference.
   I have found myself in each one of those categories at different periods of my life, and this led me to discover a few key aspect about asking for help.
1) You have to ask. Higher beings won’t read your mind and are unable to do anything unless you ask. Make sure to address the very being you wish to receive help from.
2) Ask out loud. They follow the frequency of your voice to locate you.
3) Be absolutely clear about what you need and want. Do you want an object or the feeling that object will bring you? Do you require a healing? Be specific and point to the area of concern.
4) Have 100% faith that you are loved and help is on its way.
5) Recognize we were never meant to feel alone and abandoned on this earth. The need for scientific proof has caused people to deny their own inner knowing and feelings. Trust your senses to reconnect with the higher realms.
6) Your frequency makes all the difference.  If you make choices in life that cause you to appear “care-less” with your own well being, you will emit a frequency that says, “I don’t care about self.” Your frequency is a big part of how much help you receive. This is not a punishment, this is honoring and supporting you in your own personal choices.
7) Ask and listen for guidance. You will feel, sense, hear, see or intuit your next move.
8) Stay out of your mind and remain in your heart.
9) Be open to adjustments that may be required to receive what you want.
10) Be grateful and celebrate as if you have already received what you need. 
   You are never alone. When you are scared, in pain, in danger or troubled, help is always available. In your heart you will feel the greatest love in the universe surrounding you. You are made of this very substance. It flows through each cell and is ready to whisper words of wisdom, and support you with all its goodness and love at every moment! A good place to begin is asking for help to release your fear, as fear blocks everything we truly need and want.
© 2017 Ehsida Bisset