Every scar, every wound, every throbbing miscalculation. Every wrinkle, every sadness, every painful misinterpretation. Every imperfection, every mistake, every path forsaken… unfolds before us the masterpiece within.

   The divine plan of life is easy to resist, to question, to judge. We think we know better what was supposed to happen, how it was meant to play out, but we are not here to get our way, we are here to find our way in this Master Class called life.

   The more we resist inner guidance, the more life will bring us to our knees.  Only then do we understand what is important;  what we are made of. Only then do we find the unabashed, unequivocal, supernatural strength and courage to express the truth of who we are without compromise, without fear, without masks…exposing a grace…a magnificence…an epic freedom, sovereignty and creativity we never knew existed.

   Life changes us. It reveals us. It leads us to the Source within. It can kill us, or re-create us. Either way, it will align us with the divine once again, and that is the ultimate mastery.


Special thanks to Agni