Life is Play


At Every Moment…A New Adventure Awaits

   It had been a long day of bike rides, trampoline jumping, sea urchin searching and tickle tussles with my little friends Lenny (7) and Levi (4.) Bubble baths were in order.

   My childhood friend, now their mom, emerged from the bathroom with a squeaky clean Levi and plopped him down on the couch beside me for story time, while Lenny had his turn wiggling in suds. She handed me a book, then disappeared into the bathroom; bubbles dripping from her sleeves.  

   There I was with sweet eager eyes waiting for the story to begin, when I realized the mini book had such teeny tiny print there was no way to read it. I could have admitted the minuscule letters were too small to decipher, but perhaps that would have ingrained a belief system in Levi’s young mind that eyes lose their vitality as we age, and that seemed unnecessary, so I picked up the book and began…

  “Once upon a time, a very long time ago, a young prince was born deep in the Jingo Jango Jungle near the peak of Point Happy. He was a sparkling child with eyes that glimmered bright as diamonds in the gleaming golden sun and a smile so …..” 

…”Auntie Ehs, you’ve got the book upside down.”

   Oops, so I turned it 45 degrees on it’s side, and began a new story.

   “It was a sunny funny Sunday in the ticklish town of Smileville where little Lenny and Levi lived with their Mommy, two dogs, five balloons and their pet kite named giggles.”

   “Auntie Ehs, it’s sideways now.”

   Little Levi, desperately wanting to help me out, carefully adjusted the book so it was right side up in my hands, awaiting the real story, but I still couldn’t make out one letter, so I began again.

   “Beep Beep,” said little Herbie, the shiny blue motorbike, “I am in a hurry to get to the fair, my family is waiting and it is not polite to stare…”

   Little Levi tugged on my sleeve, “That’s not what it says when mommy reads it.”

    I explained to wee Levi that books tend to change their stories once in the hands of Auntie Ehs, and perhaps it would change stories once again if little Levi were to hold the book. In perfect childlike wonder, two teeny tiny hands gently gripped the book and spread the pages out wider.  All a grin, Levi began his own story…

   “Once upon a time,….(hehee) it was….(hehhe hhee) NOW…(he he he,) and everyone …(giggle giggle … squeals of delight and a blush)… jumped on a trampoline….”

   Levi went on to tell quite a few wonderful intermittent stories, after having chosen his favorite book angle, which was definitely sideways, although upside down suited him quite well also. 

    I may never know what the real story was according to the book, but thank goodness for fine print, or we wouldn’t have had nearly as much fun.

What’s your next adventure in the field of all possibilities?

Imagination is…the health of every person

~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Story Re-printed/updated from 2013, Ehsida