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Lifting the Veil

In sleep, in death, in deep inner peace;
In the wonderment of a child, and enlightenment,
We see beyond the veil.

   The average human eye is capable of seeing less than .05% of the full spectrum of electromagnetic energy. This means most humans are capable of perceiving less than .05% of what exists. The 99.95 % we do not perceive is commonly referred to as the veil.

What we are not told is…
the veil is within us,
we hold the power to dissolve it.

   Some people are able to distinguish more than 10 million colors, some only see 24, and others are completely color blind.

We all have a different range of perception

   Most people don’t see radiants given off by radios, cell phones, the human aura, infra-red, EMF, etc., yet some people do see auras, radiation, ghosts and different dimensional planes. These exist outside of the spectrum most humans normally perceive.

The Veil represents
lower quotients of light
which limit perception.

   The good news is we can consciously increase our light and lift the veil more each day. The exercise below was created with the intention to expand the visible light we are capable of seeing within the electromagnetic spectrum. Please enjoy.

Things are so much better than they seem…and you will soon see


Post date April/2018


This is a mildly advanced exercise involving deep and vigorous breathing, so you may want to listen the first few times.  If you feel light headed please stop and relax with the music. You may adjust the time limit so it feels more comfortable and work at your own pace. Please listen to your body and honor how it feels. 

Special thanks to:

Tomas Fernandez-Calvo for his beautiful nature music


Energetic Synthesis 


Vigyan Bhairav Tantra