The Light of Summer


“Within you is the light of a thousand suns.”

~ Robert Adams

   Have you ever noticed you require less sleep and have more energy in the summer? Your body is running on more light, energizing you in a different way. Have you ever noticed you are happier and healthier during summer? Do you feel more inspired, more receptive, more adventurous? Light is a divine elixir that feeds body, mind and soul.

   Imagine your DNA as light codes filled with information. These sparkling patterns of information hold frequencies or sound, built upon electromagnetic impulses. As more light enters, these beautiful patterns adjust; become more radiant and filled with information. 

   The sun is dynamic food for our DNA that literally increases our level of vitality, enhancing health, rejuvenating cells and feeding the brain with fuel for added awareness.

Light travels as streams of tiny micro-particles
or packets of quantum energy. 
It can fortify your cells more readily 
when your body is balanced with the electromagnetic energy 
of the earth.

   To make the most of the light of summer, walk barefoot, sit in a park or in the sand with your feet and hands on the earth; swim in the ocean or in a lake. This will re-charge the body with natural electro-magnetics that support your cells with holding more light. 

   Laugh and love as much as possible to raise your frequency and always remember to stay in that playful field where nothing less than joy can catch up with you.

May the vital light of summer be with you always.

June 2018 Ehsida