Living Free

Birds can fly because they take themselves lightly

   Wild birds dancing in the trees inspire me every day, moment to moment, to live completely free. They sing and cuddle and preen and swoop from branch to branch, bouncing on tree limbs as though they were trampolines, giggling the whole while. They sit, take in deep breaths, puff out their feathers, smell the flowers and enjoy the scenery.

   If something bothers them they object loudly and instantly, saying,  “Hey, no way buddy,” as they squawk them away. They eat when they want, fly when they want, sleep when they want and flirt when they want. Life for them is all play, and the more they play the more their songs encourage the trees and flowers to grow.

   They hold concerts every day and every single birdie gets a chance to shine. They make eating an adventure and a game between friends, as they sing and dance and hop and play rain or shine. Their way of being uplifts everything around them. 

   Yet a bird still builds a home, raises a family, has loving relationships, cleans itself, provides for their young and teaches them to fly. From their perspective way up in the sky, perhaps they understand the meaning of life a lot better than some humans. 

   If we tried to force a bird to live a human life they would die very quickly of a broken heart. They would not agree to it, and we don’t have to either? It’s time to fly…to live each moment as play and say, “Hey, no way,” to those who try to get in the way.

Spring 2012, Ehsida