Living in the Light


Darkness has no existence of its own, 
it is only the absence of light. 

~ Osho

   Imagine a lightbulb connected to an electrical circuit outside on a windy night. If stormy weather increases, the light may begin to flicker as the connection between the bulb and its source is interrupted. As the storm builds the light is at risk of being disconnected from its power completely, allowing darkness to flood the small area it inhabits.

   Our body and energy field are very much like this light bulb. The electrical circuit is our mind. The mind can maintain a connection with the source of our light, or it can break that connection and leave us in darkness. It all depends on how we wield our thoughts.

   You could say our source of light is unconditional love, happiness, freedom, kindness, reverence, goodness, compassion, forgiveness, divinity; or our soul, and the storm is stress all around us.

   If the mind dips into thoughts lacking in love, we begin to flicker. If we remain in a state of negativity for any length of time, we can break our connection with source, thus inviting the darkness to have its way with us.

   Have you ever judged someone and immediately felt a heaviness in your tummy? Have you been in an unwanted situation long enough to feel lethargic or agitated? Long term disconnection from your inner light can cause a change in personality and the downfall of life circumstance. This is simply a lack of connection to your source energy; to the source of who you really are.

Darkness is not the absence of light. It’s the absence of you.

~ Osho

      Consistent thoughts that light your life lead to ultimate success. As simple as this sounds, it’s one of the most important techniques to a better life.


Thoughts become words
Words become behavior
Behavior becomes habit
Habits become values
Values become destiny

~ Ghandi