Meditation or Medication?

Albert Einstein with the Mystic Rabindranath Tagore

“Physical reality is merely an illusion,
albeit a very persistent one.”

~ Albert Einstein

   Life has a way of tempting us toward a destination we never intended. It takes an understanding of what reality is to live a life we constantly celebrate, verses a future we fear and a life we dread or waste.

   The core challenge is that most people are taught to view themselves as bodies that must focus on eating, sleeping, making money, impressing, gaining power, and paying bills until the day they die. This sort of focus inspires no interest in what will offer a deeply fulfilling life.

   The truth is we are more than 99 % pure consciousness. We are spirits in what we experience as a physical body. When we make our “physical reality” our main priority over our spirit, it’s much like continually washing the car, but never looking under the hood or adding fuel. One day the car just stops working even though we did everything we could to make the outside of the car look perfect. In fact, ask yourself how many times you have washed your car, compared to how many times you have communicated with your spirit over the past year? 

The key to a celebratory physical reality
 is in understanding and attending to
our spiritual reality

   Without a spiritual focus the mind becomes anxious, cluttered, frustrated, critical and confused, leading to mediocre decisions that harm our own lives and often the lives of others.

   When we clear the mind each day, breathe deeply and observe our thoughts as a witness, the mind becomes still, silent and peaceful, opening many doors to higher consciousness, clairvoyance and wisdom; leading to high quality choices that expand our lives with greater fulfillment, happiness, love and honor for ourselves and those around us.

Meditation is essential for higher knowing,
deep rooted fulfillment and mental emotional clarity

   Without meditation most people turn to medicating their problems, which is much like putting a bandaid on an infected wound. Life’s challenges require being solved at their roots. The root is always our spirit; our emotional and energetic reality.

Blessings on your journey within my friends


“He who is too busy doing good
finds no time to BE good.”

Rabindranath Tagore