Message from a Tree

   As the sun began its graceful journey drenching all of nature with the rich glowing warmth of life, I ventured out on a fresh morning walk near my home. Birds were playing tag along swaying tree branches and the scent of blooming flowers and warming pine penetrated the air. Ahhh, the miracles of life in nature.

   Entering an open field the familiar flickering of pastel colored dragonfly wings sparkled in waves of playfulness across the plane. It was a tangibly miraculous day.

   Enjoying a deep breath my eyes were drawn to an ancient tree that appeared to have come to life with glittering lights. Unable to make out what was happening I moved closer. At first it appeared shattered glass had been scattered all along its trunk, casting dancing diamond light all around. Then I realized it was sap reflecting the morning sun, revealing the sacred nectar of the tree for all to admire.

   Sap generally stays inside the tree unless it’s been agitated. I chuckled and received the message. All the turmoil, all the shock, pain and fear we are witnessing is transforming us. Life force within is being activated. Our sacred souls are emerging and sparkling with the deeper truth of who we are. Your very own indescribable beauty that hides within will continue to surface and astound you.

   The dragonflies moved closer surrounding the twinkling tree as I gazed in awe. 

As we observe the world from a grander view
we enhance our dignity, personal power, spiritual strengths, 
intuitive intelligence, and deeper wisdom.

We see how to live life as beautifully as we can.
To love as deeply and constantly as we can. To adore each moment.
To have reverence for all life and
focus on the world we want to live in as if it already exists.

Thank you for digging deep and sharing your sparkling light with all that is.

 August 2016, Ehsida