The Mind Spell

“There is a God part in you.
The consciousness. The pure Self.
Learn to listen to the voice of that Power.”

~ Amit Ray

   The mind often takes ownership over us and begins to run the show. It seeks solutions and grasps for some sense of certainty, but the mind will never offer us what we need most. It generally leads us along the same path of despair our entire lives until we begin to listen to the still small voice within.

   If you catch your mind spinning from one thought to the next, trying to figure out how everything will work, STOP, BREATHE, RELAX and contemplate this affirmation.

It’s safe for me to feel;
to lean into the pleasure and the pain,
to find my strength through the energy within,
and be guided by the truth of my soul.

   Always trust your inner voice…your inner feelings, over your mind. The quality of your life depends on it!

Happy meditating