More Than Words

“More than words
Is all I ever needed you to show. 
Then you wouldn’t have to say
That you love me, 
‘Cause I’d already know.”

   Many times we meet a person, see a picture or have a conversation and we sense something deeper or hidden is going on. Our conscious mind may not fully grasp this, but our subconscious mind has greater clarity when it comes to unspoken innuendos or half truths. 
 We all crave “more than words.” 
We crave behavior that matches words…and this year promises just that.
   On January 31st, 2018 we will experience another major event.  Many of you have been more aware of your deeper truths and felt eager to live by them since the solar eclipse in August 2017. Wednesday’s Lunar eclipse will add a spot light to the previous influence, making “truth” more transparent personally and globally.
   This is not just an eclipse, however, this is a Full Super Moon and a Blue Moon. If August’s solar eclipse made it more uncomfortable for you to put up with bad behavior from others, January’s Lunar eclipse may cause you to do something about it.
Truth sets us free
   2018 may offer us all, personally and globally, liberation from living with darkness, half-truths, disguises and “reversals,” as we are all nudged into the light of truth more each day.
The future is looking very bright!
Ehsida Bisset

“More than Words,” Written and Performed by Gary F. Cherone and Nuno Bettencourt