My Good Friend Fear

Fear weakens the will, depletes energy, 
clouds clarity and destroys confidence. 
Fear undermines love, dissolves trust, 
multiplies confusion and catalyzes heartbreak. 
But fear is not to be feared.

   Many times we try to avoid things we don’t want to admit or feel. Fear is one of those “things” we like to pretend away or escape from. Some people are not even aware they are afraid, but everyone around watching their behavior sees it right away. The more a person tries to hide it, the more they broadcast their fear.

   On the other hand, those who are aware of their fear often try to suppress it, talk themselves out of it, or allow it to escalate into panic or anxiety. Fear itself is not an enemy, it’s a friend here to help us understand important facets of the self that require adjusting. 

   When we treat fear as a friend, we become open and compassionate so we can discover why fear is making its visit. The first thing to do with fear is to acknowledge and accept it.

   When fear arises say out loud, “Even though I feel this fear I fully and completely love and accept myself,” or “Dear Fear, please reveal your hidden blessings so I may move forward with courage.”

   It’s amazing how much gentler old Mr. Fear becomes when we simply speak to him. In fact, he often offers insights into exactly what we must see about the self to succeed.

When you accept your fear
you begin to understand 
 its blessings.

   I used to become terrified before track meets…so much so I could hardly breathe. Then I watched all the very best runners sitting in the stands waiting for their races and they were cool as cucumbers. It occurred to me that my fear was about not being good enough, fast enough, or strong enough to run the race. Then I realized I really enjoyed ballet a lot more than running races, so I became a dancer instead. If I had allowed my ego to control me and say, “Conquer this fear; become the best runner in the world.” I would have been miserable.

   Performing in ballets I was even more terrified, but it fueled me on stage because my LOVE for ballet overpowered the fear.

Love is the antidote to fear
and fear is the antidote to missing your true calling,
because if fear does not make you want to be better,
“the feared” is not for you.

   When you accept your fear you become fearless. You become authentic, honest, wiser and better than you were a moment before. When you accept fear you open to love, happiness, success, freedom, self love, self acceptance and personal power.

   When you make friends with fear you can say what you mean and mean what you say, adding trust and deeper bonding within relationships. Befriending fear guides us to everything we hold dear in life.


High Five from Fear