Mysterious Qi

“To indeed be a God!”

Walt Whitman

   A strong light body is a miraculous asset and something many people on earth excel at mastering for the benefit of humanity. In 2007 I met a Grand Master who studied Qi Gong with a Taoist Priest at Wu Dang Mountain in Mainland China from a very young age. 

   This Mystic had developed his light body to such a degree that he was actually able to cause a piece of paper to burst into flames in his hand, simply by amplifying and directing his own Qi. He could put his hands above a bowl of water and raise the temperate above 200 degrees farinheit and evaporate the water with his Qi. This may all seem quite unbelievable, but it has been captured on film before audiences and I have seen it with my own eyes standing right in front of him in his office. It’s just the basic magic that occurs as we strengthen our light body and embody more of our soul, which is Source energy.

   Master Zhou’s massive light body and abundant Qi allowed him to do a lot more than just torch things with his bare palms, in fact, his gifts landed him in a bit of ‘hot water’ during his youth, due to his ability to see through walls and read cards at betting tables.

   Master Zhou offered healings in West Los Angeles out of a little office near Sepulveda. He would cover my body, fully clothed, in wet towels, as not to burn me, and place his hands over the towels transmitting Qi into my body in order to increase my life force and release any blocked energy. It was quite a healing experience every week, but even with the wet towels it was a bit too hot at times so I would have to say, “ouch, too hot.” And he would move his hand to another point or pull back the amount of Qi he was transmitting.

   Master Zhou is a Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Kung Fu Grand Master, so I eventually took Qi Gong classes with him and studied the ancient Wu-Dang methods that offer heart healing and miraculous physical/mental empowerment. This changed my life and made me aware of just how important the light body surrounding the physical body is to our overall health and well being.

    This summer I traveled to Canada to take part in a form of Qi Gong called Harmony-Qi. Once again, an entirely new method with extraordinary healing powers. The teacher, who flew out from Taiwan, showed us images of her masters and the Elder of the group was what many call a Crouching Tiger…someone who can breeze across snow without leaving footprints due to having cultivated massive amounts of Qi. Master Zhou in West los Angeles could do something similar; he hovered..or levitated, but again, the Western world is quite unacquainted with the vast mysteries contained within our own physical and etheric bodies. One of the most disappointing realities of this world is knowing humanity has not been informed on the absolute miracles possible by cultivating our innate human potential. Indeed we are Gods! 

   If you’re interested in building your light body and cultivating massive amounts of powerful Qi, look into taking Qi Gong. It will change your life forever.

May your vitality and well being continue to build


“Qi Gong teaches patience. 
It is not just an exercise, but a practice of the heart…
to purify one’s heart – to cultivate kindness, 
awareness, sincerity and humility. 
There is no limit to what Qi can do”

~ Master Zhou


It appears Master Zhou, now in his 90’s, has retired from his practice and may be living back in China. Difficult to receive clear verification, but this is the speculation from feedback I have recently received. 

May the right master for you appear in Divine Right Timing!