Nature Deficit Disorder

Take humans from nature
and their hearts will break

   It was a gloomy day and hauntingly silent. People seemed tense. Drivers appeared rushed and frustrated. Pedestrians looked grumpy as they grumbled about the global state of affairs with wild hand movements. I walked slowly and carefully through the farmers market wondering what was happening. Perhaps this was an odd day? Definitely time to head for the woods.

   When I arrived on my favorite hill late in the afternoon I asked the birds, butterflies and bees, “Did you have a good day?” Ohhh, the songs, the fluttering, the colorful dances. “YES, YES YES,” was the answer.

  The celebration was unprecedented. Lady bugs, dragon flies and big fat furry bumblebees came out to play while I sat and watched the glory. Butterflies cast their glittering magic dust all about as they danced from flower to flower.

   Bees and buds were kissing and giggling together. Lady bugs were tickling flower petals and the dragon flies were sparkling up the place with turquoise, red, green and orange wings. I marveled at  the buzz of joy and creativity.


  What a great day!

A few other friends


   In Richard Louv’s book, LAST CHILD IN THE WOODS, he describes human maladies as NATURE DEFICIT DISORDER, claiming, all we need for good health and happy emotions is time in nature each day. Nature is our connection to Source. Without this most important outlet, the whole world seems unbearable.

  Treat yourself to a hike in the woods or a walk along the beach each day and watch your life take on a whole new meaning.


Happy Nature Nurturing, and to all the great Mommy’s of the world, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

Story by Ehsida