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New Moon Magic


“A new moon
teaches gradualness

and deliberation
and how one gives birth

to oneself slowly. 

  Monday, February 4th we have a new moon, followed by the Chinese New Year, and the Lunar New Year on Tuesday, February 5th. This is a time when wise farmers plant new seeds to reap the most luscious crops for harvest in late spring.  The New Moon and the New Year are fertile “ground” for new beginnings in all areas of life.

   Whether we know it or not our subconscious mind is filled with beliefs about who we are and what we deserve. These subconscious beliefs, planted in early childhood, determine the path we walk.  

   Outdated words, thoughts and feelings hold the old belief structure in place, yet new words, thoughts, ideas, and feelings can form a more supportive structure for a new improved life path. 

  The following visualization is a gentle support for those ready to plant new seeds for a more abundant, love filled and fulfilling life experience. 




Blessings for a bountiful and happy harvest my dear friends