Ode To Humanity

We all seek to ignite the powerful force within

    Nature blossoms for the sheer joy of expressing life and creativity, reminding all who glance her way of their own inner potential.

   The grace of a tiny flower can break through solid rock with the miraculous force that exists within.

   This inner invisible strength is our constant friend; our eternal hope for continuing life in its most exquisite form no matter where we find ourselves. 

   As the old paradigm deconstructs, giving way to the advancing light of a new era, some days have felt rocky …then someone smiles, a flower blooms, the sun beams light into your life and the old dying story continues to fade.


Our true inner nature is the most powerful force in existence.

    As you embody more and more of your powerful inner essence, you brighten your own personal hillside, rising higher and higher to break through what appears to be solid rock or blocks in the way, causing everything around to explode with new hope and glee. All you must do is focus on the blossoming of your true spirit within by doing what you love most every day… with all the passion of the light within.

  There are far better things ahead than anything we leave behind

C.S. Lewis


June 2020