Ode To Humanity

We seek to awaken in ourselves a force which deeply changes our lives from within.
To be born again is not to become somebody else, but to become our true selves,
sovereign, empowered and FREE

    Beloved Spring has birthed fields of friendly flowers, flooding our senses with pastel colors and bouquets of heavenly scents. How fortunate are we to live in such a world where great masterpieces blossom for the sheer joy of sharing rare beauty, inspiring all who glance their way; reminding us of our own innate wonders.

   The inner grace of a tiny flower can break through a solid rock. What power these gentle miracles share. Our constant friends; our eternal hope for continuing life in its most exquisite form, exuding the passionate perfumes of their soul to ignite our own. 

   As the dark age continues to deconstruct, giving way to the advancing light of this new era upon us, some days may appear uncertain, confusing or disparaging …then someone smiles, a flower blooms, the sun beams light into your life and the old dying story continues to fade. Someone asks, “How are you?” And suddenly you feel like crying. Someone caring, someone being human, someone seeing you, loving you… reminding you, goodness, truth and love always exist.

   As I observe oppressive structures fighting to maintain control; dark agendas, dark forces, dark histories revealed, I find a deep inner feeling that all will be well in the end. Darkness must be revealed for all to see, for all to make the choice…do I choose fear and succumb to totalitarianism…or do I choose Love and build a new system where we live sovereign and free?

Our true inner nature is the most powerful force in existence.
Our true nature is LOVE. Love for Life and Liberty.

    Like the gladdest thing under the sun, embody the flower and do all you can to brighten your hillside. Cheer your friends and family, smile your most beautiful smile. Be like the daisy so focused on rising up she breaks through solid rock to be all she can be, causing everything around her to explode with new hope and glee.

    I stand with you in love, invincible, impenetrable to any force determined to undermine the goodness and unifying grace within the human heart.

When we choose love, beauty and unity over fear… 
we build the new world where tyranny and oppression cease to exist.

…that IS the new world.


Never worry. The best is yet to come!