On The Pond

Miracles are natural, to the natural self

   Two young natives living deep in the jungle walked barefoot along a dirt path toward the village pond one morning when they came across a devout man from a far away land. The stranger stopped the villagers addressing them as ab-originals, explaining that it was abnormal to remain original; to remain as they had been born. However, they were in luck, because he had come to save them with his cult-ure.

   The young tribes men were very welcoming. They bowed to the devout man and allowed him to teach them a prayer, but they simply could not get it right. The stranger became increasingly agitated as the villagers forgot a word here and there, or said them out of order. In exasperation the stranger gave up and told them to meet him at the shore the next morning to try again. 

   The young villagers bowed in gratitude with big smiles on their faces, agreeing to meet him the next day, promising to practice everything they had been taught, then they walked across the water to the other side of the pond to play in the waterfalls.

There is no one higher than you!
There is no one better than you!
Your original spirit knows everything and always has!
If something is too complicated, frightening
or impossible to comprehend, 
Perhaps it only serves to Cult-ure you.

Just go within and be the original you