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“The Stars dot out the plans of God.”

James Lendall Basford

   Ophiuchus, the great Guardian of peace, benevolence and healing, is the counter balance to Orion, the master of battle who seeks rule over territories.  These epic constellations can be seen in opposition each night in our milky way, as their duel involves the entire galaxy.

   Ophiuchus is supported by The Galactic Center, or what is known as The Gate of the Gods, and Orion is backed by what may be called The Ani-Galactic Center, or The Gate of Man. The passage between these two is a path of unity; an oasis beyond dark and light, war and peace, ego and pure consciousness. It opens a channel beyond duality and opposition.

   For thousands of years the warrior energy of Orion has held the upper hand, dimming the importance of peaceful Ophiuchus and “its” role to the people of earth. However, in Japanese and Sidereal astrology Ophiuchus has prevailed as the 13th zodiac sign. 

   Nov 30 to Dec 17 our sun will illuminate Ophiuchus, initiating a transmission of healing, awakening and empowering energies for those who seek truth, unity and freedom from this warring era. The sun’s spotlight activates the “holy grail” or “elixir of life,” that heals old wounds, so we may align with our original blueprint and return to unity.

   Ophiuchus leads us into the final ascension gateway on Dec 23, offering an extra boost for each of us to leap into our heroic timeline and move beyond conflicting influences within the self and beyond. Use this influence wisely by clearing away old wounds, triggers and negative emotions that hinder your clarity and energetic flow.

   As the 55,000 year reign of the warrior influence collapses (over the next few years,) we will all have an opportunity to see beyond the illusion of this matrix and open to beautiful truths we never imagined.

“A physician without a knowledge of Astrology
has no right to call himself a physician.”


Ehsida Bisset

                                    Paintings by Eva Melhuish