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Pentagon Admits UFO’s Exist

   Citizen Anthony Brasilia requested details on all UFO material from the Defense Intelligence Agency through the Freedom of Information Act, and the Pentagon sent documentation admitting they have been testing wreckage from UFO crash sites for years. This comes as no surprise to many.

Some of you may remember my Disclosure Post from 2016, with numerous first hand accounts and official documentation verifying aliens do exist, with many references from Government sources. You can see the post below. 

None of this is to cause alarm, as these beings have been here for thousands of years. It’s time the public is told the truth about many things. When people start to understand what these beings are and what they have done here, a lot of things will make more sense about life on earth. Aliens have walked among us and we have believed they were human.

True disclosure will be one of humanities greatest blessings. Keep in mind, truth is never revealed until it is safe to reveal it, and it has begun. You decide what you think is true.

Blessings for a wonderful year of reveal and awakening ahead!