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Achieving Perfect Peace in 2020

Your mind is like a parachute. It only works when it’s open.

   Every August I tend to have a lot of new people reaching out attempting to make sense of what’s happening, but August 2020 rose to new peaks.  Many are frightened, confused, overwhelmed and hopeless about the future, yet others are doing better than ever. This post is written with the intent to explain what’s happening on a deeper level and how to work with the energies for ultimate success and inner peace.

As our planet orbits the sun,
we experience different peaks of
electric and magnetic energy… causing anomalies.

   Every May we experience an electric peak, which can ignite more energy within the cells, activate kundalini, heighten clarity and give rise to epic aha moments. 

Every August we experience a magnetic peak, which can amplify and unearth memories, create unexpected change and lead to impulsive decisions or strange behavior. 

Magnetic Energy

   In the 80’s I had a little fun as a radio announcer in Santa Barbara at MAGIC 106 FM. Aside from playing music and announcing songs I was asked to make commercials on tape cassette style recording instruments. If we wanted to clear what had been previously recorded, we would swipe the tape over a large magnet to lift off the energy imprint of the previous voice on the tape, leaving it blank. This intrigued my fascination with magnetism. Magnetism not only erases, it can be used to record and store information, such as on a hard drive disk.

   Gregg Braden was an Earth Scientist and Aerospace Engineer before he became a prolific author on the subject of magnetism. One of the most interesting facts he shared involved how our emotions are stored within our DNA magnetically. 

Turns out memory and magnetism are intrinsically linked.

   When the magnetics of the earth peak every August, old memories and emotions stored within our cells surface rapidly to be released. This can be very disconcerting. Many folks attempt to numb these feelings, or blame them on others, not understanding they are coming from within their own cells.

   Those who have the most challenging time with the Magnetic Peak each August are those who have been unknowingly trained to live life predominantly through their left brain.

The left brain is considered electric, (Masculine) and 
the right brain is considered magnetic, (Feminine).
The left brain is incapable of processing emotions and memories 
without the helpful wisdom of the right brain.

   The whole key to life is finding balance between the masculine electric and feminine magnetic energy within, to create inner and outer harmony. Remember, electric and magnetic energy together create light. Without these two working together we remain in the dark, stuck, stagnant and ignorant to higher truths.

When the left brain is continually favored, the right brain can become dormant.

   Those with a dominant left brain could read a beautiful heart engaging poem from Shakespeare or Whitman and only notice punctuation they disapprove of.  They remain focused on what is imperfect, incapable of sensing the meaning of life, because they have forgotten how to feel. Dominant Left Brainer’s choose being right over love every time. 

(Please keep in mind many humans dip into dominant left brain processes under severe stress and in extreme fear, but most don’t live there all the time. If you align with some of the dominant left brain traits, this does not necessarily mean you exist as a Left Brain dominant person. Please apply your right brain discernment.)

Left brain DOMINANT attributes

Rely solely on ‘facts’ from outside sources
See their own opinion as a solid fact that should not be refuted
Quick to invalidate oppositional information without thorough research
View those with opposite ideas as a threat…wrong…bad…delusional or stupid
Focus on flaws and faults within self and others
Believe they are always right
Must have the last word
Non trusting

Easily Indoctrinated
Demand proof, even of love
Occasional Outbursts – like lightening
Can be critical, condemnatory, confronting
Tenacious ideas of right and wrong
Emotionally immature
Defensive and dismissive when faced with an unapproved topic
Difficulty accepting fault
Recurring harmful life patterns

Right brain attributes

Observe new and oppositional ideas with acceptance of the possibility prior to researching
Acknowledge and apply inner knowing; feelings; all six senses
Visceral – trust gut feelings; instinct
Don’t need proof: know the truth inside with history of accuracy
Compassionate ~ choose love over being right every time
Intelligent – Quick

These two aspects of the brain, (Left) critical thinking and (right) receptive perception; masculine and feminine; electric and magnetic, must merge within for a healthy balanced mind – body, and to process emotions.

   Remaining locked in the left survival mode electric brain, will cause people to become fearful, because deep down they know the world is changing and they don’t have the information to help them deal with life beyond 2020. 

For example: Prominent geniuses are now finding many scientific theories from the past were disturbingly incorrect, throwing all theories based on these past concepts out the window. This is life.
We’re always stepping into higher truths, higher realizations.

Only a balanced brain can keep up with evolving truth.

Ending the Dark Age

   As the light and truth of 2020 move forward bringing in perfect vision, it will continue to reveal that almost NOTHING is as we were taught. 

Truth sets us free.

   To make it through the rest of 2020 and into next year with a strong level of inner peace, it’s imperative to balance the left and right brain. The exercises below may sound absurd to a left brain thinker, because they are so simple. However, applying these simple steps consistently WILL create more balance, stability and inner peace.

Four Simple Steps to Inner Balance 

 1) Spend time in nature touching the earth with your skin for at least 30 minutes every day

~ The earth is a large magnet. If you have emotions or conflicting thoughts surfacing, put your feet in the earth and it will help dissolve the debris of old traumas by magnetically clearing your cellular record of discordant thoughts and emotions, much like clearing a virus from a computer, or an outdated message on a recording.

2) BREATHE deeply, slowly and gently throughout the day

~ Take three very deep slow breaths right now. This will immediately bring you into your heart, which is magnetic. When you breathe deeply you release trauma, negative thoughts, anxiety and misinformation from the environment. Breathing deeply and slowly as we feel the breath moving in and out is the most powerful meditation we can do to balance the brain and open the mind.

3) Figure eight the energy in your brain   

~ Run a figure eight in your mind in your imagination, moving from the left to right brain to open and balance the channels of energy.  Tracing your finger in a figure eight as you follow it with your eyes will also work.

4) Focus on what you can do to improve the lives of those around you

~ When you focus on how to enhance the lives of others, the heart center, your magnetic center, expands. This helps erase old patterns and behaviors that block the energy flow. Love opens the heart and stimulates ‘the right brain-mind.’ Self love is just as important as loving others. Please include yourself equally.

   A balanced brain will prepare us for the new era beyond December 21, 2020, when the energy of this entire solar system shifts into insisting we activate the right brain magnetic energy of intuition, revelation, empathy, receptivity, unity and truth; dissolving the crumbling illusion of the dark eon and dominant left brain thinking. With a balanced brain you will see for yourself without a question of a doubt…

The best is yet to come!