“Marriage is a commitment
to that which you are.”

Joseph Campbell

Mythologist, writer, lecturer


   The day Joseph Campbell and his beloved wife married, they exited the chapel to find a funeral procession under way. Following a long black hearse and row of black limousines on route to their honeymoon, Joseph was thrilled. To him this meant he would be with his beloved until “death do us part,” and his perspective proved true.

   Last week our post was about re-inventing the self. One of the most powerful steps toward re-invention involves changing the way we perceive life. When we perceive the highest and most love filled perspective out of a million other choices, our life becomes more blessed. Perspective is self fulfilling.

   The pictures below embody the elegant richness available in every day life. May these images inspire a perspective that activates feelings of wealth, health, vitality, peace, joy, and fulfillment… at your fingertips.


  Ehsida Bisset    




   May your life explode with higher and
happier perspectives that bring you the future you
desire most