The Power of One

Deep within,
we all love each other


   Once upon a time there lived a family of happy playful bubbles who giggled and played together all day, and hugged and cuddled together all night. They fit together so perfectly, the closer they got the more they became ONE.

   Everything was splendid in the happy land of Bubbleville until one day a triangle teacher arrived. All the bubbles wiggled their joyful way to the triangle lecture and were astonished by what they heard.

   According to the triangle teacher, bubbles were deficient in many ways. What they required to be respectable and superior, was to become more triangular. Half the bubbles rolled away happy to remain their bubble selves, but the other half thought they would give it a try, and had triangles installed inside their bubbles.

   Unfortunately, this caused a great deal of kabubbling. Now half the bubbles did not fit any longer, and the closer they got the more the original bubbles screamed OUCH!

   No longer feeling compatible, the triangle bubbles started a triangle trailer park and lived separately in their own little triangle trailers, and the original bubbles went along with their happy bubble lives playing, rolling, giggling and wiggling together as ONE.

   Then one day a rectangle sales man arrived in Bubbleville, and the bubbles very politely went to hear what he had to say. Apparently, the bubbles were terribly inadequate and they all required a rectangular upgrade. Wanting to be polite, a number of bubbles had rectangles installed and immediately became blockheads, unable to feel joy, so they moved away from Bubbleville and set up a rectangle camp across from the triangle trailer park.

   This did not go over well with the triangles, who were certain rectangles were even less respectable than bubbles. Terribly triangularized, they launched a tricky attack on the rectangles and soon all the rectangles and all the triangles had knocked each other out with their sharp edges.

   Meanwhile, the happy bubbles in Bubbleville continued to play and laugh and dance together in love and joy.

   The next day all the battle-worn triangles and rectangles woke up groggy and upset. They looked across the field and saw the bubbles in Bubbleville having a rolling contest and they all decided anyone that happy must be delusional. Finally, the triangles and rectangles had something in common; a distain for bubbles, so they ganged together to take down Bubbleville with a very edgy troop of knuckleheads leading the way.

   When the bubbles saw the rectangle-triangle caravan of warriors trudging toward Bubbleville, they all came together as ONE, and their rainbow power was so bright and beautiful it blinded the oncoming warriors.

   Infuriated, the triangles accused the rectangles of being too slow and blockheaded, and the rectangles told the triangles they only had three sides so they obviously had no idea what they were talking about. 

   Another battle between rectangles and triangles ensued and they are still fighting in that same spot today, while the bubbles in Bubbleville continue to play and become more and more powerful as ONE.

We are often taught untruths along the way,
don’t let them kabubble your day.


Ehsida Bisset