“Humankind has not woven the web of life.
We are but one thread within it.
Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.
All things are bound together.
All things connect.”
Chief Seattle 1854

   The Quantum field theory basically states that subatomic particles energized by consciousness create and influence matter. Living in an ocean of quantum particles, every electromagnetic frequency we emminate effects all particles in the field, therefor, all matter.

   In November 2016, for no apparent reason, the lightbulb in my hallway went out. It’s a bulb in a string of three bulbs, so it was no big deal; I still had light. Having a dead bulb is not considered very good feng shui, however, so I generally change a dead bulb straight away. I even had a spare bulb handy, but my inner senses told me not to.

   Why? I asked rather taken aback, to which my inner knowing replied,
“This is a challenge. Change it from within.”

   This reminded me once again that everything on the outside world is a reflection of the inner world. I felt this must be a gentle way of being pushed to heal something within myself so my own lights did not go out.  Perhaps there was an old thought or fear I was unaware of that was playing around in my consciousness, reflecting in the bulb. I searched inside and pulled out everything I could find that was not filled with light and love, but the lightbulb remained dead.

   I looked at all the symbolism of a lightbulb and noted that somehow, the source energy for the bulb was not activating or connecting. Perhaps there was something within the bulb that was broken or the connection to its electrical source was not strong enough. I did all the inner work I could to remedy this, but the bulb remained unaffected by all my efforts. In fact, it appeared quite bored with me.

   After a few laborious months of  being patient with the dead bulb I became frustrated. I flipped the breaker switches, took the bulb out, blessed it and asked it to turn on. I put it back in very respectfully and tightened it, but still no light came through. At one point I thought, what the heck, I should just change this light bulb, it obviously is not going to miraculously come back to life itself. However, I was not about to give up on this challenge, so I thought perhaps I would do the only thing I had not attempted yet, which was surrender all action and put my higher self in charge.

   A week later I was very inspired to add a new technique to my meditation and this deeply excited me. I loved this new combination. It lit me up, it turned me on, it made me feel completely connected to Source and wouldn’t you know it, when I turned on the light switch that evening I heard a very distinct buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….. PING! Suddenly the dead light bulb sparked to life, brighter than ever, happy and smiling, proving to me once again that the outer world is in fact only a reflection of the inner energy field.

We all have the ability to change aspects of our outer world
simply by changing the way we
flow our own energy.

  Often, when I write a post like this I receive numerous emails from excited people sharing similar experiences they have had. They feel validated and empowered. However, there are also emails from people who doubt these things are possible. To these people I would say, you do things like this every day, you simply may not notice it.  We all effect matter. Matter is made up of the same stuff we are, and our consciousness directs the energy that creates change. If you don’t believe this scientific fact, you probably will not equate change in your environment with your own consciousness shifts. This involves the health of your body and the well being of your relationships.

   Are you happy? Are you doing what you love and living your purpose?Do you know who you are and why you are here? These answers light up lightbulbs around the world.

   If there is anything you wish to change, go within and change the inner circuitry of your joy factor. The outer world will change all on its own.

You are the power in your world!

Story by Ehsida