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We don’t see things as they are
we see things as WE are
Anais Nin

Religion, Sex and Politics shhhhhhhhhhh.

   Have you noticed bodies tense up, eyes pop and tempers flare the moment someone in a group makes mention of  their political views, sexual preferences or religious beliefs?

   Why do these topics divide humanity, cause divorces and break up deep loving friendships within seconds? Is your tummy tightening as you read this?

   If we had been given a manual on how to be a successful human, the first chapter would inform us of a few very important facts, such as:

~ Our reality is composed of light particles

~ There are 400 billion bits of light coded particles available to each of us at any given moment

~ The human apparatus is capable of utilizing 2000 bits of these 400 billion bits of light coded particles

~ This means we perceive 0.000000005 % of reality, and assume it’s 100%

~ Every single human captures a very unique 2000 bits from the 400 billion bits of light codes available

~ We capture these bits through our senses, (sight, smell, sound, taste, touch, balance, intuition, pineal etc.)

~ We filter the bits we have chosen through our beliefs, values, decisions, memories and unconscious patterning.….giving us all a very unique snapshot of the 400 billion bits available

~ The chances we have captured and perceived and utilized and filtered our bits exactly the same as someone else in the world is ABSOLUTELY ZERO!

~ No one sees the world the way you see the world. We all live in our own personally constructed reality.

~ No one captures the full 400 billion bits. No one is seeing reality accurately.

~ Once we capture, filter, and process our own personal 2000 bits of information, this becomes our safety net, our solid foundation, our concrete certainty about life. These 2000 bits define us, keep us safe in our mind, work as the base for everything else in our lives and determine how we think, feel and behave.

~ If anyone else questions our 2000 bits, we feel frightened, uncertain, disturbed, angry, uncomfortable and our survival instincts click on full throttle.

~ An adult may believe they are much more evolved than a toddler and therefor, discard the bits the toddler shares as immature, cute, but not very valuable in life. We all do this to each other on some level because we all believe our own personal bits are the truth and that everyone else is slightly delusional.

This is life on planet earth.

~ When we purify our filtration system, (the system that distorts the bits further,) we  see more clearly. You will know someone sees more clearly when they do not judge others for their bits. Those who immediately hate or criticize someone else because of their differences, have a fear clogged filtration system. Everything they perceive comes out looking more dangerous to their personal identity than it really is.

Foundational bits

~ The bits we rely on the most are our foundational bits. The bits we have collected to represent our beliefs about certain organizations, structures and people we trust for our security. We protect these bits above and beyond any other bits. These are our religious, sexual and political bits. If anyone questions our beliefs in these areas, they question the foundation of our life. This tends to make us feel endangered and disqualified.

~ Is the fear of extinction due to a dear friend or lover not agreeing with our bits valid? No, it only feels like it is, because we depend on those bits for our identity and for our safety and survival in our mind.

~ The experience of the bits is why we are here.

~ We like people who have given a similar meaning to their bits. We relax, put aside our survival reptilian brain stem and interact with our limbic system and play together.

~ All bits are light and shadow. It’s an illusion and a story we are all writing based on how we characterize and label all the bits after we run them through our processing system.

~ Aways remember, the 2000 bits we choose have no inherent meaning until we give them meaning

~ Before we perceived bits, we all loved each other unconditionally. Its the bits that get in the way, yet, that is what we are here to experience.

~ When we realize we are safe, even without any bits to rely on for security, we merge with the 400 billion bits again and experience complete safety and unconditional love for all life everywhere.

~ It gets easier when we laugh at the whole light show and assign preposterously happy meaning to every bit we perceive

Blessings on your light encoded bits journey my dear friends