Re-inventing the Self

Create a new improved vision of your life.
Remain focused, like a laser beam, on your new imagined reality.
What you focus on always expands.

   “April” originates from the latin “aperire,” meaning, “to open or bloom.” Just as flowers open in spring, April creates a rare opening for beautiful new beginnings and improved ways of living.

What would you like to have blooming in your life?

   Spring lends support for increased motivation, completing unfinished tasks, regrouping, de-cluttering and re-inventing the self, as well as encouraging positive change for a more fulfilling and relaxing life.

  Would you like to upgrade your daily routine, diet, exercise regime or the structure of your relationships? Anything goes as you re-imagine YOU.


 The atoms within your body are set in motion
by the electromagnetic qualities of your perceptions.
The flesh and life circumstances that “appear” are
made up of swiftly moving God particles
directed by your own thoughts and emotions
that form and manifest according to your beliefs.

You are the imagination of yourself 

~ Max Spiers

Ehsida April 2017