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Remind Me of the Magic

   New born babes see the world through the miracle of their own birth. Everything glows with wonder and vitality; a world to be explored, tasted, touched and experienced awaits, and each pulse of the heart bursts to feel the most exquisite aspects of the adventure. 

   Over time innocence begins to tuck its little head under the covers for safety, while exuberance, joy, love, friendliness and the intrinsic inner peace within the soul become locked away from full expression.

At some point we recognize… 
life is not what the childlike self trusted it would be,
yet, the original self lives on,
with all its potential. 

   In search of the miraculous essence hiding within, I often call on my inner child. When she peeks her little head up, I look deep within her smiling eyes and make my request, “Remind me of the magic once again please.” Perhaps these are her most cherished words, because she springs to life as if animated by all the twinkling stars in the multiverse, eager to shine her truth so brightly all my dustiness and illusion melt away.

   This past week we had such a meeting and she appeared in prime form, reminding me with great excitement of the simple magnificence of my own breath. With childlike abandon she pointed to the energy of existence, the light of creation, and the love of Source all dancing within each sparkling atom of every breath. The frequencies, colors and geometries flowing within the prana, touching my senses, merging with the magic of all life everywhere.

With each breath we enter the Zero Point;
the creation fields where all possibilities exist.
The-in breath draws this energy back to us with infinite potential 
to birth our next new experience as architects of our own creations.

   Join with your breath as it moves in and out. Do not let it move ahead, or lag behind your conscious awareness. Feel the slight pause in between the in-breath and out-breath, and the excitement of your soul as it senses the frequencies hovering; the potentials opening, awaiting your imagination, emotion and intention to direct and decorate your next experience.

   In this luminous gap between breaths you become aware of the divine nature of the self; the power; the vast and limitless potential you hold. This awareness is not from the mind; it’s an experience. The mind remains still… on the sidelines. You are ‘consciousness’ sensing the infinite light frequencies moving through your breath from Source. Without this constant and miraculous link to Source, you would not exist here.

This is the magic of life and the gift of your being 
that is always available to you…
within each and every breath,
to live what your wee self once imagined!