Rocket Fuel

“God is a frequency.
Stay tuned.”

~ Alan Cohen


   Every day I walk over to a College track nestled between hiking trails and glorious green mountains. Throughout the day and evening there are a number of track teams and coaches training and exercising around the emerald field. Tuesday is my favorite evening to observe as the team that runs relays on that afternoon are outrageously remarkable. I love the feeling of my jaw dropping in awe. The athletes are literally like bolts of lightening.

   After watching all the different teams practicing I surmised that the Tuesday group stood out due to the way the coach trained them. As each relay runner raced around the track, the coach’s booming voice chanted, “frequency, frequency, raise your frequency.” As these words moved into the runner’s consciousness, their speed appeared to ignite with some sort of miraculous force akin to rocket fuel. I have never seen anything like this before.

   While hiking the next day I declared out loud, “FREQUENCY, AMPLIFY FREQUENCY,” over and over, and by golly, it was like a bolt of electricity flashing through my being.

   Later that week I felt quite unusually exhausted, with a lot more work to accomplish before bed, so I closed my eyes and said these words out loud, FREQUENCY, HARMONIZE, BALANCE, AMPLIFY FREQUENCY. After about two minutes my brain was buzzing with life force and energy and I accomplished my work easily. Who needs stimulants when you have words that can give you a free buzz.


2017 Ehsida Bisset

Of course Love is the highest frequencies of all!