Every day, when you least expect it,
a great adventure finds you

   A lush emerald mountain with gushing waterfalls sits forty feet from turquoise waters near my favorite Malibu trail. Morning hikes catch the sunrise illuminating a sleeping beach town; glimpses of Catalina and pastel beach cottages sparkling near the sea. Each step a journey through heaven.

   Wildlife thrives in this rich terrain, including nocturnally playful spiders spinning and giggling all night, meticulously crafting the most beautiful and gigantic webs that twinkle with dew across the path by morning; so massive they could snag a human.  

   After learning the hard way, I began foraging for friends at the base of the mountain. Today I found a branch of purple sage brushed down by the wind to accompany me. She was about three feet long with lavender blossoms peaking at three different segments of her slender body. We waved farewell to her purple friends, and I promised to bring her back home upon my return.

   On our first adventure we encountered a beautiful honey bee struggling and sticking to a torn web. My new friend, who had chosen the very unique, yet fitting name Sage, was quick to gently, yet briskly, sweep the wee bee into the air. We both felt particularly happy about it. 

   Next we encountered a bunny having a very animated conversation with three sparrows, who all dashed under a bramble when we came closer.  Sage and I couldn’t figure out why. We would have delighted in chatting along with them. 

   Peeking the mountain we caught a massive burst of blazing gold awakened the pink morning sky. In a flash the entire ocean was dancing in celebration. Sage had never seen anything like it before from her little sage bush at the base of the mountain. Neither of us wanted to leave. 

   On the way down the mountain Sage exuded a most radiant perfume, beaming her adventure through her essence. She even helped me draw a huge heart around a butterfly way up in the sky.  By the time I brought her back to her original home, she had so many stories to tell her sage family and friends she didn’t know where to begin. I kissed her, thanked her and wished her well.

   Walking toward the beach alone, I felt nervous for Sage. Her sage bush friends had never had her experiences. They would make fun of her and be sure to tell her it was all her imagination, for how could one of their own kind have saved a bee, flown as free as a butterfly in the sky, or watched the sun transform the ocean into a field of dancing diamonds.  And so it is with every true Sage of the world; a lonely life to reach the mountain top alone. 

Updated and Reposted from Sept 2010, Ehsida ©